Trend Micro: Apps can turn your Android devices to Zombies


Experts from security firm Trend Micro have issued a warning, regarding a possible zombie attack, not on humans, but on their smartphones.

Android owners were warned against installing apps that can turn their smartphones into zombies. Trend Micro said that they have detected a library file in many apps that has enough permission to command and control servers and can invoke process remotely. The file which they detected was the ANDROIDOS_BOTPANDA.A.

This malware is capable of concealing its identity. Once you install this app, the library file runs the zombie service from your Android device.

The file hides its identity by concealing its routines in the Android dynamic library. It also has the ability to remove its traces by changing file systems.

According to Trend Micro experts, “It eventually kills some processes, hooks inevitable system procedures, and replaces files to make detection and removal solutions infeasible. If more Android malware make use of this trick in the future, analyzing and delivering solutions would become extremely challengeable for security experts.”

Trend Micro experts are also on guard against zombie malware through third party app stores.

We might as well install apps that come from trusted sources, rather than just downloading and installing anything under the sun.

Be careful Android users, then!

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