EA Announces Battlefield 5 Details and Origin Access Premier

EA had some exciting news to share at E3 2018 including details on Battlefield 5 as well as a new subscription service.

Battlefield 5 is the latest entry in the iconic Battlefield franchise. First launched in 2002, the series gained popularity and spawned several versions. Now, EA is bringing its “deepest and most immersive” entry to the series.

Similar to Battlefield 1, the latest addition brings users back to World War II. This time, the intention is to give an insight into some of the lesser-known conflicts in that war.

Fans will be happy to know that Battlefield 5 will have both have a single-player campaign and multiplayer modes. Some of the multiplayers modes from Battlefield 3Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 are making a comeback but there are also two new ones to look forward to.

EA also confirmed the Battle Royale mode coming to the game. According to DICE, its version will include the brand of action and destruction that the Battlefield franchise is known for. The developer promised more information will be revealed in the next coming months.

The game is expected to launch simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. The early trial version is going to be available on October 11 to EA Access and Origin Access members. The deluxe and standard editions of the game will be available on October 16 and October 19 respectively.

Origin Access Premier

Aside from game updates, EA also announced its new all-in-one subscription service.

Basic members get to try new games up to ten hours, starting five days before release. Current Origin Access members will now become Origin Access Basic members and will have the same benefits as before.

The new Origin Access Premier brings full access to both archived games as new and pre-released games. This means unlimited playtime on the full versions of the games starting five days before the launch. Upcoming games include Anthem, Battlefield 5, Unravel 2, Fifa 19, A Way Out and Madden 19.

Membership for the service costs $15 per month or $100 a year. It will be available this summer.

Six Ages For iOS This June

Six Ages Will Finally Be Coming To iOS This June

Six Ages will finally be coming to iOS this June.  After nineteen years of waiting, we will finally be getting A-Sharp’s Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind.  Fans have been anticipating it for a while now.

What Is Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind is the successor of King Of Dragon Pass.  This is a unique kind of game from A-Sharp.

A lot of fans have been waiting for the coming of this game for a long time.  But its progress was slow going up and it took quiet a while for its developers to finally announce its release.  At last, after being in the dark about this game, brightness will finally come.

All About The Game

The elements that make a KoDP unique are all in Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind and its developers have remixed them.  The game has a mythical setting where you can visit the gods.  You can make multiple choices with consequences.  It also has advisors with personality, a generation-spanning story, and story elements that recombine for replayability.

The UI was designed with attention to mobile devices.  Its Men.u puts more information at your fingertips.  All its artwork is of high resolution.  Its play is both simpler and richer.  You will get to make more decisions in combat.

Release Date Of Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

According to a press release, Six Ages will be launching on iOS one June 28th.  It will be available for pre-orders on June 21st at $9.99.

To b able to enjoy the game, your device will need to have iOS 9,or later, running.  According to its developer, A-Sharp, the game is being developed for other platforms.  They said that it would probably be materialised later in the year.

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Blizzard Is Working On A New Unannounced Diablo Game

A job posting from Blizzard confirms work on a project in the Diablo universe.

Video game developer Blizzard has not made any announcements but it seems that there is a new Diablo game in the works.

A job listing on the company’s website is hinting that a development is underway. Looking at the post, it is pretty straightforward: “The minions of Hell are growing stronger… We’re working on a new, unannounced Diablo project.”

Previously, the California-based company has teased about a Nintendo Switch version of Diablo. But people are quick to dismiss that the unannounced Diablo project is referring to this. The description asks for a “skilled dungeon artist”. This means there is a need for new art assets.

The exact description states:

“We’re working on a new, unannounced Diablo project. Are you a skilled dungeon artist? Come work with us, and together we will build something exceptional.”

The dungeon artist will be responsible for “modelling and texturing compelling assets.” He is also expected to work well “in an environment of peers who are passionate about working on the dark gothic world of Diablo, making great games, killing millions of monsters and getting loot!”

The 24th Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is already happening next week so it’s highly doubtful a new Diablo game will be unveiled there. However, they could probably announce that it will be in the works? Maybe. We’re actually hoping they will.

Diablo 3 is turning six years old this year. I think it’s about time for a new one, don’t you think?


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Bandai Namco Announces Code Vein’s Release Date

Avid fans of the popular game Code Vein have something to cheer about. This comes after game developer Bandai Namco has released a new gameplay trailer of the game.


The gaming studio has also announced the release date of Code Vein this fall.  Bandai Namco said the game is slated to release on September 27 for PS4, Xbox One.  On Steam, Code Vein will be rolled out on the following day, September 28, respectively.



It is Hiroshi Yoshimura who directed Bandai Namco’s vampire-action RPG. Yoshimura has previously led several projects and the recent of which is the projects on God Eaters game.



In case you don’t know, the game is set a post-apocalyptic world wherein a hidden society of vampires live in a place called Vein. These vampires are known as the Revenants in the game. If you are player, you need to jump to get the role of a Revenant and fight through dungeons and bosses with an AI companion to gather blood.



And when playing the game, players can increase their character’s strength by collecting the Blood Veils of your enemies.  This would also create new character abilities to defeat the monster’s overpowered attacks.



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Apple issues new App Store rules For Streaming PC-based games

Tech giant Apple Inc. has issued new review guidelines for App Store intended for streaming PC-based video games. Apple’s decision attempts to block Steam’s proposal to extend its reach in both iPhones and iPads.


Steam is the considered to be the biggest distributor of video games for PC.

Apple’s remote mirroring apps


The new guidelines of the Cupertino-based company would now decide what apps should appear in the App Store. This means that any applications could not host anything even that app looks like an app store that is within the app.



In short, the company won’t give any users the sole absolute ability to “browse, select, or purchase software not already owned or licensed by the user.”


According to Apple, these new rules are called “remote mirroring apps.” This new rule works by beaming the screen of a PC to an iPhone. By doing so, it could allow purchases outside Apple’s control, provided that any give transactions were processed on PC and not through iPhone.


Meanwhile, several tech users claim that Apple’s decision is certainly significant. They pointed out that the company wants only to shield its practice of taking between 15 percent and 30 percent of the purchase price of software bought in the App Store.



Steam has announced its plan to release a free mobile phone app called Steam Link so gamers could continue playing on their iPhones while away from their desktop machines.


But the Bellevue, Steam’s parent company, in a separate statement, has slammed Apple for rejecting the Steam Link app. The Steam Link app is a free mobile app that allows gamers to play video games using their iPhones.




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Bethesda Softworks at E3 2018: Fallout 76, Rage 2 & Other Games To Expect

Bethesda Softworks is slated to have press conference ahead of this year’s E3 event. In fact, this is the company’s fourth year in a row to hold a press conference of its own in advance of the event. This time, we would be revealing some fresh details about the company’s new games for E3 event.


In case you don’t know, Bethesda Softworks’ activities are set to kick-off on June 10 at 6:30 p.m. PT/9:30 p.m. ET. You can get the latest updates about their events by following their social media accounts in Facebook, and Twitter, among others.


Here’s a quick round-up of the things that Bethesda Softworks might present during this year’s E3 event.

Fallout 76

Online reports claim that Bethesda Softworks is gearing up for Fallout 76, but the company is not saying much about the rumored game. These reports were based on the briefest of teasers that we’ve seen so far on the web. However, we are not sure if the company would be presenting the Fallout 76 during the media conference. What we are certain, though, is that the rumored game takes place on October 27, 2012. This is based on the canonical Fallout timeline. Other reports hint that Fallout 76 is expected to feature multiplayer action.

Rage 2

Another game that is gaining wide attention from among gamers is Rage 2. You can recall that Bethesda has released the first gameplay trailer back in the middle of May. A quick check of the game’s trailer showed a bit of information. This includes multiple, distinct factions and diverse environments.

Wolfenstein 2, Dishonored 2


Also, Bethesda would further give details about Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. This game came out back in October 2017. Recently, the game could now be ported over to the Nintendo Switch. On Dishonored 2, avid fans of this game would be hearing a possible update since it was released in November 2016.

The Asus ROG Gaming Phone Is Perfect for PUBG and Fortnight

The Asus ROG gaming phone might just be the perfect gadget for PUBG and Fortnight fans.

Gaming phones are fast becoming commonplace in the market thanks to legions of gamers and fans. When there’s demand, there will be a scramble to supply that. And Asus just jumped in the bandwagon to introduce their own gaming phone, the Asus ROG phone.

It is designed specifically with gamers in mind and could be the most powerful phone on the market.
Asus ROG Phone Specs
The Asus ROG phone is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with a maximum speed of 2.69GHz. It also has a gaming-optimised Qualcomm Adreno 630 GPU.
Don McGuire, vice president of global product marketing for Qualcomm, describes their products.
“Snapdragon 845 is engineered to deliver users an unparalleled gaming experience; supporting exceptional performance, fast and smooth graphics and Gigabit speeds whether on LTE or 802.11ad Wi-Fi.”
Asus’ latest offering is also the first to have the GameCool system. It’s made up of vapour-chamber cooling, a carbon cooling pad and copper heat spreader. Additionally, the phone also comes bundled with an external Aeroactive cooler to take your gaming to the next level.

Other specs include 8GB of RAM, up to 512GB of storage, and a 4,000 mAH battery. It sports a 6-inch 2160 x 1080 AMOLED HDR display.

Besides the external cooler, the phone also has two more add-ons. First is the pair of gamepads called GameVice controller that slides into both sides of the phone. The second add-on is the Asus’ TwinView Dock. This adds an 6,000mAh extra battery capacity and an entire second screen to the ROG Phone.

Asus has not announced the price and release date for the phone. However, they hinted that it might be available sometime in the third quarter of this year. Fingers crossed!


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Mobile Game Dragon Ball Legends Can Be Downloaded Now

Dragon Ball Legends Mobile Game Can Now Be Downloaded

The mobile game Dragon Ball Legends is now available for download.  Dragon Ball Legends is the latest video game entry in the mega-popular anime.  It is now available for download for free on Android and iOS devices.

Dragon Ball Legends: The Mobile Game

This is a fast-paced card battling game that pits players against one another with intuitive one finger controls.  It lets is players duel against one another all over the globe.

The game was first introduced in March.  It broke records for pre-registration at Bandai Namco with over 4.5 million users.  As an offer to celebrate, players who will start on the release date will get Goku, Frieza, a rare character, and chrono crystals.

Reactions on the New Dragon Ball Legends Mobile Game

Reactions on this game will vary, depending on what type of mobile games you prefer.  This will be a good game for player who prefer card battling games.  But if you are a kind of player whose preferences are games with precise movements, or  those with active battle actions, then you will probably find this game boring.  The game uses the same old boring formula as in  Tekken mobile.

Dragon Ball Legends’ Game Play

Its game play focuses on player versus player battles that will take place in real-time.  Fans around the world will be able to play against each other.  The game is about tapping on cards with your thumb.  This is what intuitive one-finger game is all about.

All of its stages will be in 3D presentation.  We can be assured of a top notch presentation, at the least.  So for Dragon Ball and Tekken mobile (and other games of its type) fans, check out this new mobile game from Bandai Namco, the Dragon Ball Legends.

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Roblox Follows Minecraft’s Footsteps And Announces Education Initiative

Roblox aims to teach young children in creating user-generated virtual worlds through the Roblox Education.

A popular multiplayer online game among the younger crowd, Roblox just launched its first education initiative.

Roblox Education aims to get more kids coding by working directly with schools. A new curriculum offers 12 hours worth of tutorials, handouts, technical setup guides, outlines and lesson guides for teachers. Additionally, the curriculum is under a Creative Commons license. This means it can be used and modified by anyone as they see fit.

Vice president of developer relations Grace Francisco explains the company’s goals. “Roblox’s mission is to power and fuel imagination while inspiring a new generation of creators.”

”We are thrilled to be launching our education initiative that gives young people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to develop the crucial skills needed to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and creators.”

Besides the curriculum for educators, the company will also offer international summer coding camps using Roblox Studio. Over 500 coding camps and online programs are going to be opened in U.S., U.K. Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Spain, Brazil, and Portugal.

Roblox will also launch a free online coding program in partnership with Universal Pictures. The latter’s first event with the company is the Creator Challenge for kids. This will be held from June 12 to September 12 and will be based on the Jurassic World movie.

According to the company, they also plan to expand the curriculum to add other subjects like Physics or Design.

You Can Now Pre-Order Your Own Atari VCS

The once-legendary game developer is back on the gaming scene with the Atari VCS.

It’s been almost a year since the gaming console has been unveiled. And now finally, fans can pre-order the Atari VCS via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. As of this writing, it has surpassed its $100,000 goal and is now at $1,885,000 and still counting!

The company has upgraded the classic console to compete with other brands.  “New and classic games meet streaming media and a universe of web-powered entertainment on Atari’s first-ever connected home platform.”

It will come pre-loaded with Atari Vault, a 100-plus game collection of classic Atari games like Asteroids, Centipede and Missile Command. The company is also partnering with “leading industry partner to be announced shortly”.

The Linux-powered Atari VCS games console will come in two versions. One is the $299 “time-limited” Collector’s Edition featuring the faux wood-front panelling. The package comes with the console and a classic joystick.

The second version is the Onyx Edition which is all-black. You can buy the set (console and joystick) for $279 or just the console for $249.

As of this writing, Atari is also offering an early buyer discount for US buyers. The Onyx console is at $199 while the set has a price tag of $229.

Atari expects to begin shipping the VCS consoles in the Spring of 2019.

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