Latest Tech Updates for Video Game Audio Design


Technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and the video game industry is no exception. Video games have become far more sophisticated in recent years, and changes to audio are some of the most noticeable differences. What should game enthusiasts expect from these changes in technology?

Leading Tech

Logic Studio is one of the commonly taught programs for music production. Even though this program is one of the older applications in use, it is still popular, with an update in June 2019. This update helps keep Apple established as a leader in video game technology. Wwise from Audiokinetic is another leader in the field, creating audio solutions that work across all major gaming platforms. Adobe has seen a decline in the video game world, with support for Flash being discontinued in 2020.

Are There New Roles to Consider in Video Game Design?

As the technology for video game audio design continues to evolve, there will be a greater need for professionals who handle the different aspects of audio. One of the more well-known positions involves composing the musical score for games. Video games now have more complicated storylines that include the use of elements like movie-style soundtracks. Sounds used in video games have also gotten more elaborate, with more authentic sounds in many cases. Games based on popular movies and TV shows, for example, will often have music and sounds similar to the production’s soundtrack. These elements, along with many games featuring speaking characters, have created more life-like gaming experiences.

Open Source Programs

Open-source programs have also commonly been used in video game development. One of the advantages that these types of programs offer includes more updates and greater customization options for those with the necessary programming experience. The open-source applications also make it possible to create video games without spending money on more expensive software suites. One of the better-known open source options that allow the creation of audio elements in games is Cocos2d-x. Audacity is also one of the most popular open-source audio programs, popular for both its ease of use and sound quality. Access to these types of programs provides some of the most considerable flexibility for anyone working with audio in video games.

Video game audio design is a field that always has a fascinating new development of some type in the works. The more you learn about these developments. The more exciting new technology will be for you.

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