Legatus Pack

An in-game content for the popular game Star Citizen has raised an eyebrow among players. This comes after detractors of game slammed the $27, 000 bundle of spaceships and in-game content of the game.


Both the game’s detractors and backers hit out Star Citizen’s Legatus Pack as not something new at all. It can be recalled that Roberts Space Industries had previously offered a “Completionist” pack with every ship in the game for a price of $15,000.


Star Citizen’s Legatus Pack price criticized


One critic and a Redditor named Strykerx88 said “Alright, this is getting ridiculous,” adding that “I’ve been on the ‘wait and see’ side of the fence for 6 years now, but shit like this makes me fall right over into ‘maybe the guys calling this game a scam are on to something.’ … Close your fucking ‘donation’ shop and finish the god damn game, if it even can be finished and become playable in any current fan’s lifetime.”

Another gamer has labelled the offer as a pure scam.

Legatus Pack

“I’m tired of people calling the entire player base a bunch of suckers, or a cult or whatever,” said redditor Didactic_Tomato. “Many of us are just hopeful and excited to be able to play a space sim, but it seems like whenever people see news about this game they are ready to condemn anybody who is interested. It’s sad to see.”


In case you don’t know, Star Citizen’s The Legatus Pack’s page at Roberts Space Industries could only be accessed by those with “Concierge” status in Star Citizen. The Concierge status has a funding threshold of $1,000. This means that anyone without that status could contact Cloud Imperium Games directly if they wanted to buy the pack.


Cloud Imperium Games’s response


The Legatus Pack comes with 117 ships including the 163 extras, such as skins and vessel add-ons, plus a ton of in-game credits as well. In response, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games told Polygon that the game’s Legatus Pack was developed as a response to the request of the hardcore segment of the community.


“It wasn’t created in a vacuum,” said Eric Kieron Davis, the head of Cloud Imperium’s studio in Los Angeles. “We were responding to what the community asked for. We have some passionate supporters that are not looking at Star Citizen as your typical game purchase/transaction but rather a dream project they want to see happen.”



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