Mobile Game Dragon Ball Legends Can Be Downloaded Now


Dragon Ball Legends Mobile Game Can Now Be Downloaded

The mobile game Dragon Ball Legends is now available for download. Dragon Ball Legends is the latest video game entry in the mega-popular anime. It is now available for download for free on Android and iOS devices.

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Dragon Ball Legends: The Mobile Game

This is a fast-paced card battling game that pits players against one another with intuitive one finger controls. It lets is players duel against one another all over the globe.

The game was first introduced in March. It broke records for pre-registration at Bandai Namco with over 4.5 million users. As an offer to celebrate, players who will start on the release date will get Goku, Frieza, a rare character, and chrono crystals.

Reactions on the New Dragon Ball Legends Mobile Game

Reactions on this game will vary, depending on what type of mobile games you prefer. This will be a good game for player who prefer card battling games. But if you are a kind of player whose preferences are games with precise movements, or those with active battle actions, then you will probably find this game boring. The game uses the same old boring formula as in Tekken mobile.

Dragon Ball Legends’ Game Play

Its game play focuses on player versus player battles that will take place in real-time. Fans around the world will be able to play against each other. The game is about tapping on cards with your thumb. This is what intuitive one-finger game is all about.

All of its stages will be in 3D presentation. We can be assured of a top notch presentation, at the least. So for Dragon Ball and Tekken mobile (and other games of its type) fans, check out this new mobile game from Bandai Namco, the Dragon Ball Legends.

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