3 Cities Esports Have Taken Off In


Gamers all over the country are rejoicing in the recent surge of esports events. Although the trend has begun to spread everywhere, there are a few definitive cities that boast the highest interest in this form of gaming. Here are three cities where esports have especially taken off recently.

Los Angeles, CA

Business valuators explain that LA has become a hub for the esports scene. This regional gaming hotpot features a variety of factors that continue to draw gamers. LA has always been known as a sports town so it makes sense that the city would also become the home of the professional gaming scene. The eclectic and edgy vibe of Southern California makes LA the natural choice to be a leader in the esports gaming industry. The city has historically attracted a bevy of entrepreneurs who have built their fortunes creating unique entertainment and content. Esports is just another addition to this field.

Seattle, WA

The Emerald City has also established itself as a hub for esports activity. As one of the nation’s most venerable technology hotspots, it is logical that Seattle would emerge as a leader in the esports space. With a host of innovative technology companies such as Microsoft and Amazon calling Seattle home, it is no surprise that the city hosts so many esports tournaments. Game hosts describe how an increasing presence of high-tech workers gives the city a rich population to market these events and draw spectators. The progressive and forward-thinking vibe of the city provides the perfect backdrop for this unique form of entertainment.

Orlando, FL

Because of its status as one of the most popular convention cities in the nation, Orlando has solidified its position in the esports industry. An abundance of convention space and exhibition halls make it easy to find a suitable venue to host gaming tournaments of any size. It’s also reported that new esports arenas are being developed in the near future. Because the city is such a high-traffic tourist destination, Orlando also delivers an amazing amount of reasonably priced lodging accommodations, flight options, and car rentals. This makes it easy and convenient for gamers looking to either participate or simply watch a game.

As the gaming industry continues to grow at a breakneck speed, experts predict that the esports arena will also continue to explode. LA, Seattle, and Orlando are all expected to remain strong contenders in this industry, with even more locations joining in on the growing trend of esports as a popular entertainment option.

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