The Top 5 Best Gacha Games in 2020


Gacha games are primarily known for incorporating a mechanic that is similar to capsule toy vending machines. The method is basically similar to loot boxes where players can get great items after progressing or unlocking new features. This video game genre rose to popularity in Japan during the 2010s and is still popular among players worldwide today.

With the Gacha game genre on the rise, many have been seeking more and more of this type of game. Some are dubbed to be player-friendly and generous while others are quite known to be the opposite. Now, this brings us to the question, what are the best Gacha games? More specifically, what are the best Gacha games in 2020? We took the liberty to list down the top 5 best for you. And take note, all these Gacha games are completely free to play.

1. Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a simulation game where players can personalize their characters from head to toe. The game also boasts a wide catalog of predetermined characters, clothes, accessories, weapons, skin tone, and hairstyles for every category. You can also choose from hundreds of backgrounds to create the perfect scene and even use Studio Mode to create mini-stories!

2. Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 is the 3rd entry to the Honkai series and one of the best Gacha titles you can find in the market today. Similar to Genshin Impact, it features well-crafted characters that were derived from the previous titles.

It also boasts a captivating illustration of the world that will leave players stunned, especially with its immersive combat system. Just like the majority of JRPGs, there are several chapters and quests you’ll need to partake to progress in the game and unlock new areas, chapters, and characters.

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3. Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order boasts an immersive storyline and captivating soundtrack. Just like other good RPG Gacha games, it features a great selection of characters to summon, special events, and an impressive anime art-style. Fans of the Fate/Grand Order anime series will surely love this game version too!

4. Azur Lane

Azur Lane is another Gacha and RPG hybrid. It features side-scrolling mechanics where players will battle enemies they cross paths with. Azur Lane sure has no shortage of characters for players to summon since it has a pool of 300 playable characters. It also uses the same summoning mechanic that is typical of other Gacha games. However, do take note that the characters you summon are girl versions of World War II warships.

5. Arknights

Arknights is a good mix of Gacha, RPG, and strategy game in one. It features campaign modes, seasonal events, and a great collection of anime-art style characters to summon. The combat system is more tactical than the usual RPG titles.

In Arknights, players deploy specific units to play vital roles on the battlefield. The game has a great storyline and soundtrack, with the focus mainly on strategic combat and character collection. Players have a lot to grind for in Arknights, and this means you can unlock a set of new characters without spending a single cent.

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If you have been searching for Gacha games to play, you might have heard about one or two good things about these games, so why not give them a try? You can check out and download the games through their respective links for free. 2020 also brought us Genshin Impact, which is pretty much a Gacha game too. And who knows, maybe 2021 has more in store for the Gacha game genre?


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