Video Game ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ will be remastered for the PS4


Video game ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ will be released again but now for the PS4

The famous video game, ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ gets remastered for Sony’s PS4 this week. From its first released on the PlayStation 2, the video game brought a huge impact on the gaming industry. It was because compared to its contemporaries, it showcased a different tone. Instead of a loud, complicated gameplay, it was actually a slow, quiet and sometimes, almost meditative.

It was actually a romantic kind of game because the character have to battle monsters to bring back his loved one back to life. The game is focused on one character only and have to fight opponents that are as tall as mountains. And is set to explore the vast landscapes of the land of colossi. These set-piece battles are a mixture of puzzle and action platforming. Players have to figure out the Colossi’s weak points, how to expose and defeat them.

The video game had been redone for the PlayStation 3. But developers Bluepoint Games and Japan Studio wanted to start from the ground up for the PS4. Instead of just reconditioning old assets to take full advantage of the console’s power adding higher fidelity imagery. Expect that PS4 Pro owners will experience the game in 4K and have more detailed graphics and smoother frame rates.

This remaster is sure to give a whole lot of new experience to new generation of gamers. And to old ones, this is a bit of exciting because we are get to visit the land of the colossi again!

The PlayStation 4 remaster of “Shadow of the Colossus” will be available this week in game retailer stores and the PlayStation store. And the price of this highly-acclaimed game will be at PHP 1,799 (more or less $36).