If you are smartphone user who fears to see a crack screen after it was dropped, you are not alone. This comes after a company claims to be working with a phone maker to produce and test a first smartphone screen that is made with diamond glass. While it seems to be a good news, you need, however, to wait until 2019.


Akhan Semiconductor’s Miraj Diamond Glass has acknowledged that cracked screen is one of the common concerns of smartphone users. Now the company is using a nanocrystal pattern that would randomly arrange the crystals.


The company said that the arrangement of crystals would eventually discourage deep cracks from forming. The screen is actually made with lab-grown diamonds and Akhan’s diamond glass vows to be tough to cover the phone’s sensitive electronic display.



It can be recalled that the company said that it would unveil the diamond glass in 2017. Unluckily, we didn’t. But the company’s CEO Adam Khan said that the super strong glass is now being tested with several device makers.


Khan, however, did not reveal or name the device makers. Akhan’s partners are currently conducting a test to the super strong glass such as stress-testing, among others. It wants also to ensure that the diamond glass could transmit electrical signals so that users could navigate the screen without encountering errors.


Also, Akhan Semiconductor is also working with its partners to discuss the production details and the manufacturing of the lab-grown diamond. The company wants to ensure that the super strong glass coating could only be applied on top of the cover material like the Gorilla Glass.


Let the countdown to diamond glass commences now.