Apple is not to blame: Take responsibility for Tech Addiction


Apple is not to be blamed about the tech addiction

Stop blaming Apple for tech addiction peeps. There’s a lot of accusations against social networking sites like Facebook, and also other gadgets companies. It’s because of the addictive effects on our brains and culture. Most of the critics are about how evil these gadgets companies are because of manipulative products and services. That may lead to destroy our minds, our society and also relationships between each other.

I admit it, I’m also very much addicted to these especially Facebook. But if we want to practice a technology-balanced life, we must take responsibilities of our actions. No one is forcing people to buy a new Apple product, or to be active on social media. Or anything you want to do with technology! It’s a choice of each one of us. If you know inside yourself and know how to control these, then you will not be driven by this technology. If you’re a person who needs help, well, you have to first help yourself and stop blaming these companies. They’re only doing their jobs for heaven’s sake!

There are a lot of organizations worldwide that can help those who are very much tech-addicts.

But these organizations are only motivators. They can motivate you how to do your first step and some are there for moral support. But there are people who started asking for help but after a day or two, went back to their old habit.

More likely, it’s that most of us are unsure about our tech overuse. Just like Facebook, there’s something in it that keeps getting us scrolling. And on the other hand, it gives us the reason to stay connected with people.

But if you want to renew yourself, the first thing you need to do is stop blaming these companies. And start to take responsibilities. We are humans, we know how to make choices. And it’s our choice if we want to be eaten up by the modern-world technology.