Season 8 of League of Legends is about to start my gaming peeps! Are you excited? Well, I am! New updates, new champions, new items and so much more.

League of Legends: Going Stronger Over Time

I’ve been a player since Season 3 and I can really say that the game has improved as time goes by. Season 8 is expected to start on January 16 (only Riot can confirm the exact date), so we are about to see new changes in the game.

Riot announced that a lot are going to happen this Pre-season which will delay the start date of the game.

Last Season 7, the runes and masteries were replaced by Keystones. A review and guide can be found here:

You are still able to choose Keystones as before, a couple of which have similarities to Keystones from Season 7. Only, there’s been a few tweaks. Plus, now you have access to “Major Runes” and “Minor Runes”, too.

As mentioned in my previous article, IP as well is no longer a thing in the League. Instead, Blue Essence will be used to purchase items from the store. Skins and other featured items are still to be purchased by RP.

Next is the Infinite Leveling.

Yes! You can go beyond Level 30 as long as you keep on playing. Leveling up means more cool loots to receive. You can unlock EXP boosts as well by purchasing them with RP.

Expect a few tweaks to the Jungle because Riot does this every year.

Waiting for the new season

It goes without saying that there’s bound to be a ton more Champions and Champion updates. Those released in Season 7 have definitely had some of the most unique skills ever. And although It will be a challenge, Season 8 is probably going to produce even more!

One prediction we can make with certainty is that this is going to be one epic Season. And frankly, we can’t wait to get a team together, test out the new content, and start climbing the ranked ladder again.