Official Statement of Expiration Capacity of Prepaid Load Released


Official statement by Globe Telecom was released just recently. The statement is with regards to the One-Year Expiration Date of Prepaid load.

Globe’s Official Say

The NTC-DICT-CTI Join Memorandum Circular No. 05-12-2017 prescribing a one year expiration date for prepaid load is in effect.

Globe Telecom will comply to the said memorandum.

Effective January 5, 2018, all Globe prepaid load with denomination of 300 pesos and above will be affected by this. In other words, they will last for one year.

Another directive from DICT is granting an additional six months extension for denominations below 300 pesos.

Telecommunications business has about 57 million prepaid customers. This includes transactions and voice, SMS, and data traffic that the system supports.

The implementation of the said memorandum will have some changes which are as follows:

1. Expansion of Capacity

Extension of the load expiry will require additional cost. Purchasing of licenses and software programming by third party vendors will be included.

2. System Tests

Optimization and interoperability tests will be conducted to minimize any adverse impact to customers.

3. Additional Number Series

To fully implement the change, additional number series is needed from the NTC. Running out of numbers is possible if this is not done.

Furthermore, there might be new conditions to be applied to prepaid services as time goes by.