On Tuesday, Atlus has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming popular Persona 3 spin-off game-the Persona 5 Dancing Moon Night.

The live stream which was aired today, December 26 is said to be for the new Persona 5 anime series. The Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night sometimes airs on April 2018 in Japan.

Fans of the anime series who personally saw the trailer witnessed the series gameplay. Aside from this, the cast, as well as the soundtrack, was revealed.

What you need to know about The Persona 5 Dancing Moon Night?

Hence, The Persona 5 Dancing Moon Night is expected to hit the local stores on May 24 next year. A Japan released date was revealed at the end of the live stream.

For those who wanted to check some clips about the game, they can watch the trailers that were released during the game’s debut announcement back in August. A higher resolution screenshots can also be viewed by the fans.

Meanwhile, Atlus also released a fresh artwork as well as the information about the special editions. This includes the information for aPS4, and a trailer for the game’s sister title, Persona 5 Dancing Star Night.

Persona 5 Dancing Moon Night will only be playable via PS4 and PS Vita, Atlus USA has yet to announce the release date of the version of the game for the Western market.