Fake News Can Be Identified and Alert Facebook Users


In a world revolving around internet connection, people often rely on sites for news. One of them is the ever popular, Facebook. But sometimes, a rampage of fake news happens.

Identifying Fake News

Facebook once used the “disputed flag” to identify a hoax. It is a red icon indicating a fake news.

Now, the company announced that there will be a change. Related articles will be shown next to hoax posts instead.

Related articles may help users have more context about a certain news. With more information, they will be able to know if a news is false or not.

This is actually better because Facebooks sometimes overlook hoax posts and doesn’t indicate them being one.

Sharing a hoax news will also prompt a pop up, notifying them of additional reporting to fact checkers.

Different social networks long struggled against these fake news on their platforms.

They continue to try and combat the spread of false content.