Louisiana law helps you protect your children from sex offenders


A state in the US has passed a law requiring child predators and sex offenders to disclose their criminal status on their Facebook profiles and other social networking sites making it the first ever state in the US to pass such legislation.

A Louisiana law says that those who have been found guilty of sex offending shall place their crime in the social networking account’s status, the jurisdiction of conviction and a description of their physical characteristics with current address. The law will take effect on the 1st day of August.

For their part, Facebook has already refused to allow sex offenders to create their Facebook accounts.

According the State rep. Jeff Thompson as told to CNN, “It provides the same notice to persons in whose home you are injecting yourself via the Internet. I challenge you today to walk down the street to see how many people and children are checking Pinterest, Instagram and other social networking sites. If you look at how common it is, that’s 24 hour a day, seven days a week for somebody to interact with your children and your grandchildren.”

Is this law fair to those who are found guilty of these types’ offenses? How about those guilty individuals who don’t have any social networking sites?

Image Source: gawkerassests.com