Microsoft Office for iOS and Android just around the corner


Boy Genius Report, also known as BGR, reports that a reliable source has said that Microsoft is planning to release Office apps for both iOS and Android tablets before the year ends.

The report also said that Microsoft Office to be launched for the iOS could also be compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

The leak reaffirms The Daily’s report a few months ago that Microsoft is developing an Office app for the iPad. The latter reported last February that the development phase for the Office for iPad was already complete and would soon be submitted to the Apple App Store.

According to reports, the interface of the Microsoft Office app is similar to that of the OneNote. The latter is available for the iPad since last year. They added that this new app enables users to edit and make new Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

BRG said, “Our source has seen Microsoft Office running on an iPad first-hand and has said that it looks almost identical to the previous leak from The Daily a few months back, despite the fact that Microsoft flat out denied that the app was authentic.”

A spokesperson from Microsoft wasn’t able to comment immediately.

Are you ready for a Microsoft Office invasion?

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