BBM still exclusive to BlackBerry users


Research in Motion revolutionized the smartphone business when they introduced the BlackBerry in the market. The company lorded it over business enterprises and businessmen and changed mobile communications forever.

Although RIM is now finding it difficult to survive in these tough times, BlackBerry loyalists are still there, keeping their hopes up and wishing that their beloved company could bounce back.

If there is one thing that BlackBerry is very well known for, it has to be their instant messaging app BlackBerry Messenger.

Two months ago, RIM top honchos tried to figure out how to capitalize on BBM’s popularity. Sources have leaked that RIM had plans to create a BBM for iOS and Android devices.

But RIM CEO, Throsten Heins, told the Wall Street Journal that those are mere speculations and rumors. The report added that Research in Motion is committed into giving its BBM users new capabilities and improve the app.

According to Research in Motion, there are about 55 million BBM users today. This figure has grown from 5.3 million back in January of 2009.

The Wall Street Journal also said in their report, “Teenagers still embrace BBM for its quick and free instant messaging, and it’s easy to use contact list of friends. Security professionals, police, firefighter and ambulance drivers have come to rely on it as one of the most dependable forms of electronic communications.”

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