Adobe brings Photoshop to iPhones


IMG_0038 copy Who’s a fan of Photoshop?

I bet there’s tons of people who’d be raising their hands if I was asking a roomful of people. Photoshop has indeed built its reputation as a one of the best image-retouching and editing software. Heck, some even use the word “photoshop” as a verb. 😉

So anyway, fans of the Photoshop will surely be rejoicing Adobe’s photo editing tool becomes mobile and debuts with an iPhone app today.

The free (yup, it is) app allows iPhone users to crop, rotate or change the exposure on the iPhone photos. Although the features are very limited when compared to the full version Photoshop in computers, the app isn’t at all bad.

Edited pictures can be saved on the iPhone or you can directly upload them to your account at 🙂