New mobile design from Giorgio Armani

Credit: Reuters
Credit: Reuters

Stylish executives needs stylish phones – at least that’s what Giorgio Armani has in mind when he designed this 700-euro mobile phone for Samsung.

Launched today, the sleek Armani-Samsung smartphone comes with the new Windows Mobile 6.5 which was launched just this week.

The phone has a touchscreen and a slide-out full QWERTY keypad. It also includes a video player, GPS navigation , video player, can open Word and Excel documents, and be synchronized over the Internet.

With bronze detailing, the design was created to “coordinate perfectly with Giorgio Armani suits” known for their muted colors and elegant lines.

Founding designer Giorgio Armani, 75, was present at the event but did not speak at the presentation. He said in a statement however, that his aim was to create a phone “perfect for today’s managers”.

Samsung executive Won-Pyo Hong and Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer were also present in the launching.

Ballmer, wearing a tie signed by Armani, said that Microsoft’s partnership with Samsung and the Italian designer was “a unique thing” and his company doesn’t have plans of working with other fashion designers.