A Google Podcasts App May Soon Be Launched

A dedicated app for podcasts may soon be available on the Google PlayStore.

According to the folks in 9to5Google, the search giant is planning to have its own Google Podcasts app.

In the last few months, Google has really been pushing for more presence in the podcast universe. And this move will definitely help them gain more traction. In 2009, it launched an app called Listen, which was its first attempt at a podcast player. However, it did not live long enough and was completely shutdown in three years later.

Currently, Google has been building out a podcast client within the standard Google app. However, it is not easy to access. The company is apparently trying to change that with an actual Android app.

9to5Google spotted a snipped of code in the latest Google app which shows an inactive prompt which asks users to “Get the Google Podcasts app.”

Currently the app is not live yet but the folks at 9to5Google thinks you will be able to access the app HERE once it does.

Besides the code, they also saw a logo for the Google Podcasts app made of the iconic Google colours.

Image Source: 9to5Google

Pretty cool eh?


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Twitch Tips For Beginners

Tips For Beginners On Twitch Streaming

Here are some tips on Twitch streaming for beginners.  Live streaming on Twitch is popular these days.  To make quality live streams, here are some tips and tricks.  Hopefully these will help your live streams will gain more audience.

You Need A Good Quality Microphone

The commentary is the reason why people watch live streams, not so much as the game play.  You do not want to sound like you are in a wind tunnel next to a construction site.  You do not need to use an expensive or an amazing mic.  Just make sure that the mic you are using does not have a lot of static and that your voice comes out clear.  It is also advisable that you use earphones, earbuds or headsets so there won’t be any feedback from the speakers of your TV or sound system.

Have A Good Internet Connection

You don not really need a very fast internet connection.  It just have to be a decent connection.  Just make sure that your internet connection is fast enough to broadcast your video at 720p or more.

You Need To Use A Webcam

The purpose of live streaming is for you to be able to interact with your audience.  These viewers would like to know what you look like.  Streamers with webcams are much better than ones that don’t have.  Your webcam does not have to be expensive also.  Just decent.

Use An Overlay

Using an overlay for your live Stream makes it look more professional.  Make sure that your stream looks good and will stand out of the crowd.  Put a border around where your webcam is.  Make sure you have a pop-up notification when someone follows or donates.  This will encourage other viewers to do the same.

Stream Less Popular Games

You need to stream something that a lot of people watch but not a lot of people stream.  Check on the list of games on Twitch.  Look over the games after the first 20 or so.  go over it and find a game you might like.  Click on it to see how many people are streaming it.  If at 30 people does that, find something else.  The whole point is for you to appear on the first page of a game.

Get A Chat Box Moderator Or Bot

View bots are not advisable.  You will be banned.  But a chat bot is good.  Get one to check the chats to make sure that no one posts links or anything else that could be dangerous.

Communicate With Your Viewers

Talk to your viewers.  Say something nice to them every once in a while.  Keep refreshing the viewers list.  If someone new joins the stream acknowledge the new viewer.

Converse With A Friend

Engage your friend in a conversation while streaming.  You can do this via Skype.  Since no one will be talking when your stream is just starting, talking to somebody will help.  Viewers leave right away if they do not hear anybody talking in a stream.

Make A Schedule

Set  a fixed schedule for your stream.  A lot of people will more likely watch your stream if it has a schedule than when you stream just any time.

Do Not Give Up

Not every stream will be fun.  It may be good or bad.  Nevertheless, do not give up.  Keep on streaming until you succeed.

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Arrested Development soon on Netflix

Arrested Development aficionados out there, better get your Netflix subscriptions paid.

The streaming mogul will be exclusively screen ten brand new episodes of the sitcom. The long awaited fourth season of the show will be released by the company all-together.

This will give you the ability to watch the ten seasons in an instant and not wait for another week to view the next episode. This will certainly update you to the lives of the Bluth family.

This shows how Netflix has a different strategy as it seeks to grab the market from cable TV networks and other streaming sites.

They initially streamed the original show Lilyhammer that stars Steve Van Zandt of Sopranos. The said show had its full season available in the site last February.

But for British viewers, Lilyhammer will only be made available after it finishes its season in BBC later this year. So Lilyhammer fans from UK have to wait.

 Just keep your fingers crossed that the Bluth family will arrive in British shores on a timely basis and not a delayed one.

Image Source: forkparty.com/

Research: Majority of televisions have internet by 2016

Internet TV?

Well, it sound like a pleasant idea and according to a report by NPD InStat, the Internet will be soon connected to our beloved boob tube which will enhance the audiences viewing experience.

The firm forecasts that by 2016, about 100 million television sets in the US and Western Europe will have Internet access with new hybrid TVs set to conquer the digital world.

The TV set for the future will have a combination of technologies so as for viewers to keep on engaged on the screen. Nielsen also predicts that about 60 percent of individuals already have a smartphone, a laptop or tablet and other devices in their hands, their attention is being divided into watching TV and web surfing and texting.

According to NPD InStat, the first wave of Hybrid Broadcast Broadband television sets will hit Europe by 2013 and will soon spread to North America.

In fact, this year’s French Open, French television will use the hybrid technology. Fans will be able to press a button on the remote show interactive menus to display other scores of on-going tennis matches, bios of players and others.

About 12 million households in the US have television connected to the internet. But about 25 million have the ability to do so.

Image source: techinasia.com

Google to release eyeglasses that stream information

If James Bond was real, I bet a million bucks that he owns a gadget such as this. Though it sound like a device that is better suited to only be in movies and books, now one company is planning to develop a pair of electronic glasses (not pictured).

So what’s the fuss behind these glasses?

For starters, these can stream information directly to the eyes of the user in real time. Well, this device is loaded with a low-resolution, built-in camera. Dubbed as the Google glasses, developers are boasting that this device “will be able to monitor the world in real time and overlay information about locations, surrounding buildings and friends who might be nearby. You will be able to check in to locations with your friends through the glasses.”

Google would not confirm or deny the rumored contraption. According to Google splesperson Wendy Rozeluk, “We do not comment on rumors and speculation.”

The Times said that the glasses is going to be Android based and has a 3G or 4G capability. It also has a small screen near the eye to allow users to optically connect to the web.

According to The Times, the device will be available to the public by the end of the year and is pegged at $250 and $600.

Image source: gizmag.com

Comcast launches Netflix competitor Streampix

Comcast is jumping on the bandwagon as they are set to launch their new streaming video service. Xfinity Streampix was developed to team-up with Comcast’s existing Xfinity on Demand and TV Everywhere initiatives. The Streampix will be available to their subscribers later this week.

According to Comcast, this move is “another step moving TV Everywhere forward by giving customers access to an even greater library of popular choices to watch.”

The Xfinity Streampix is included with most Xfinity triple-play packages and the Blast! and Blast! Extra video/Internet packages. For those who are not subscribed to these packages you will get the chance to subscribe to the Streampix for a monthly fee of $4.99.

This is different from Comcast’s existing video-on-demand. The primary difference is the content.

The company’s strategy isn’t different to what Dish Network is doing with their Blockbuster Movie Pass. Both of them are giving additional value and added content. With the influx of those individuals wanting to disconnect their cables, this is one strategy for the company to avoid them.

Only time can tell if their strategy will avoid a catastrophic subscriber decline. Until then, enjoy these new premium services.

Image source: flixist.com

Spotify refuses split streaming model for Adele

Swedish DRM-based music streaming provider Spotify has turned down the opportunity to share Adele’s award winning music to the whole world as the diva only wanted to stream the music to those who pay for premium services.

According to Fast Company who sites ‘multiple sources’ as their informants said that it has been confirmed that Adele was only willing to do business with Spotify if they can block her music to freeloaders.

Spotify however didn’t want to give in to the singer’s demands as this are not willing to changing their business model to suit her.

The music streaming site remains steadfast with their conviction to give their freemium member equal access to their music library as those who pay for their premium services. The difference with the two is that freemium members have ads.

According to The Fast Company, “Ultimately, Spotify decided it did not want to split up its content catalogue, so as to create separate music libraries for paying subscribers and freemium users. Thus, it was essentially Spotify that decided against providing streaming access to Adele’s content for paying subscribers – not the other way around.”

Adele is not the first artists to not give rights to Spotify to stream their music. Coldplay, The Beattles, Metallica and other big names have not given Spotify the permission to stream their songs.

Online streaming supasses illegal file-sharing

According to a study conducted by Music Ally’s media and technology researches, illegal file-sharing in the UK has fallen big time (yay!).

The study, which was published last Monday, showed that between December 2007 and January 2009, the number of people who regularly file-shared dropped by a quarter. The trend was most pronounced among 14-18 year olds.

It also showed that more and more teens are opting to steaming music and video sites such as YouTube, Spotify, MySpace, among others.

Researchers wrote: “Nearly twice as many 14-18-year-olds (31 per cent) listen to streamed music on their computer every day compared to music fans overall (18 per cent). More fans are regularly sharing burned CDs and Bluetoothing tracks to each other than file-sharing tracks.”

This move towards music and video streaming though has some uhm, negative effects in the internet.

According to Larry Roberts ( the guy who invented – yep – the ARPANet and packet switching), traditional packet-based routing is not built for streaming services which results to poor streaming qualities.

“Keeping up with bandwidth demand has required huge outlays of cash to build an infrastructure that remains underutilised,” he wrote. “To put it another way, we’ve thrown bandwidth at a problem that really requires a computing solution.”



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