Arrested Development soon on Netflix


Arrested Development aficionados out there, better get your Netflix subscriptions paid.

The streaming mogul will be exclusively screen ten brand new episodes of the sitcom. The long awaited fourth season of the show will be released by the company all-together.

This will give you the ability to watch the ten seasons in an instant and not wait for another week to view the next episode. This will certainly update you to the lives of the Bluth family.

This shows how Netflix has a different strategy as it seeks to grab the market from cable TV networks and other streaming sites.

They initially streamed the original show Lilyhammer that stars Steve Van Zandt of Sopranos. The said show had its full season available in the site last February.

But for British viewers, Lilyhammer will only be made available after it finishes its season in BBC later this year. So Lilyhammer fans from UK have to wait.

Just keep your fingers crossed that the Bluth family will arrive in British shores on a timely basis and not a delayed one.

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