Research: Majority of televisions have internet by 2016


Internet TV?

Well, it sound like a pleasant idea and according to a report by NPD InStat, the Internet will be soon connected to our beloved boob tube which will enhance the audiences viewing experience.

The firm forecasts that by 2016, about 100 million television sets in the US and Western Europe will have Internet access with new hybrid TVs set to conquer the digital world.

The TV set for the future will have a combination of technologies so as for viewers to keep on engaged on the screen. Nielsen also predicts that about 60 percent of individuals already have a smartphone, a laptop or tablet and other devices in their hands, their attention is being divided into watching TV and web surfing and texting.

According to NPD InStat, the first wave of Hybrid Broadcast Broadband television sets will hit Europe by 2013 and will soon spread to North America.

In fact, this year’s French Open, French television will use the hybrid technology. Fans will be able to press a button on the remote show interactive menus to display other scores of on-going tennis matches, bios of players and others.

About 12 million households in the US have television connected to the internet. But about 25 million have the ability to do so.

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