Comcast launches Netflix competitor Streampix


Comcast is jumping on the bandwagon as they are set to launch their new streaming video service. Xfinity Streampix was developed to team-up with Comcast’s existing Xfinity on Demand and TV Everywhere initiatives. The Streampix will be available to their subscribers later this week.

According to Comcast, this move is “another step moving TV Everywhere forward by giving customers access to an even greater library of popular choices to watch.”

The Xfinity Streampix is included with most Xfinity triple-play packages and the Blast! and Blast! Extra video/Internet packages. For those who are not subscribed to these packages you will get the chance to subscribe to the Streampix for a monthly fee of $4.99.

This is different from Comcast’s existing video-on-demand. The primary difference is the content.

The company’s strategy isn’t different to what Dish Network is doing with their Blockbuster Movie Pass. Both of them are giving additional value and added content. With the influx of those individuals wanting to disconnect their cables, this is one strategy for the company to avoid them.

Only time can tell if their strategy will avoid a catastrophic subscriber decline. Until then, enjoy these new premium services.

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