Spotify refuses split streaming model for Adele


Swedish DRM-based music streaming provider Spotify has turned down the opportunity to share Adele’s award winning music to the whole world as the diva only wanted to stream the music to those who pay for premium services.

According to Fast Company who sites ‘multiple sources’ as their informants said that it has been confirmed that Adele was only willing to do business with Spotify if they can block her music to freeloaders.

Spotify however didn’t want to give in to the singer’s demands as this are not willing to changing their business model to suit her.

The music streaming site remains steadfast with their conviction to give their freemium member equal access to their music library as those who pay for their premium services. The difference with the two is that freemium members have ads.

According to The Fast Company, “Ultimately, Spotify decided it did not want to split up its content catalogue, so as to create separate music libraries for paying subscribers and freemium users. Thus, it was essentially Spotify that decided against providing streaming access to Adele’s content for paying subscribers – not the other way around.”

Adele is not the first artists to not give rights to Spotify to stream their music. Coldplay, The Beattles, Metallica and other big names have not given Spotify the permission to stream their songs.