Code can reset your Samsung device into its factory setting

Malicious code reset

Malicious code reset A few TouchWiz Samsung handsets are in trouble, as it was discovered that a single line of code can force these devices to revert their settings back into their original factory presets.

This code is said to affect the Galaxy S III, S II, Beam, Ace and S Advance.

Inadvertently encoding this said malicious code into your Samsung device could potentially enable the system to wipe out your phone’s memory. This code can be encoded in various forms such as scanning a QR code or by NFC tagging. Once your device reads the said code, you will not be able to prevent it from resetting your settings.

It is said that this process is going to be hard to see because when the process starts, no command will be able to prevent it. Hitting the back button or removing the battery of your device won’t do any good. It is also reported that it can also affect your SIM card.

Currently, no one has been reported to have used this. However, there is cause for alarm, as this may propagate in the near future.

Samsung is currently doing their very best to investigate the issue.

So be wary about this glitch.

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