Black Galaxy S III may soon be in the offing


Rumors that a new Samsung Galaxy S III will soon be available in the market have been circulating and the word out on the streets is that the speculation is authentic, as said that a black version of the device will be available in 4-6 weeks.

Crave is reporting that the store had previously uploaded a photo of the black Galaxy S III but have since been pulled down by the administrators of the site. Still, they are accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S III.

They added that the photo didn’t officially come from Samsung, instead Mobile Fun just found the photograph.

Last week, Samsung posted a black device in their Facebook page, which resulted into rumors that a Black Galaxy S III is going to come.

A number of websites have indicated that there is truth behind the myth. Just last week, a leaked report stated that Carphone Warehouse was on their inventory screen.

Rumors are truly abound. The question right now is whether Samsung would try to match Apple’s September announcement to possibly alter of their announcement.

According to, the black Galaxy S III by Samsung will be retailed at 499.99 Pounds.

Are you excited to have a black Galaxy S III?

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