Mozilla rolls out update for Firefox web browser

update for mozilla firefoxFirefox has been updated by Mozilla to further improve on the performance of the latter for Android devices as well as desktop users.

Mozilla has rolled out the updates for their Firefox Web browser and users shall notice the difference in performance in its developer and gaming features.

The company reduced memory add-ons to improve the speed of Firefox.

The web browser can now support compressed textures, enabling developers to create intense graphics in gaming, which gamers will be happy about.

Mozilla also improved the Javascript engine and WebGL capabilities of the Firefox.

Mozilla has also rolled out a Javascript Debugger that is built with Firefox. It can be used to remotely debug apps through Firefox in your smartphones.

The update is applicable on almost all Firefox browsers for Android.

The browser for Android now features the “Awesome Screen” feature popular on the desktop application of Firefox. This feature allows the users to store bookmarks, data, passwords and browsing history.

Users can now also sync their Android Firefox browsers to their desktop Firefox browsers.

Another new addition is the much improved HTML5 capability of the new Firefox browser. This update creates new possibilities for web applications.

What is your impressions on the new Firefox then?

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No more Safari for Windows based PCs

Windows users who are big Safari fans may be disappointed with the recent development made by the browser’s developer Apple, as the latter has decided to pull Safari for Windows out, just in time for the release of Apple’s Safari 6.

However, Windows users can still download Safari version 5.1.7 after tediously scouring for the download link in Apple’s support pages.
The Safari version that can be downloaded by Windows users is the same with the Web browser that came with OS X 10.7.4 a couple of months ago.

People speculate that Apple’s reason for pulling the plug for the Safari for Windows is that Apple is no longer interested in giving Windows a port for its OS X browser.

Safari currently lags behind Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome with a 4.7% share of the browser market.
According to Forbes writer Adrian Kinsely-Hughes, “While I find Safari to be an adequate browser for the Mac OS X platform, when it comes to Windows I’d put it behind Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and even Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. In fact, the only time I even fire it up on Windows is when I’m testing something.”

Would it be a big loss for Microsoft users?

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Chrome for iOS now Apple App Store’s baby

Google Chrome for iOS became an instant sensation, barely a day after Google released the app to Apple fanatics.

Chrome became the app store’s most downloaded free app on the iPad and the iPhone, and it doesn’t look like that trend might change for days.

Google Chrome is considered as one of the popular Internet browsers out there, as of the moment even trumping Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox in some states and countries.

Google Chrome’s biggest draw is the ability to sync tabs, passwords from your PC or notebook Chrome browser to other devices and bookmarks. This makes Internet browsing easier for you if you use multiple devices to access it.

But Apple isn’t ready to jump on the bandwagon yet, as the company doesn’t intend to change their default browser to the Chrome. That distinction is still being held by Apple’s very own Safari.

Although developer Jon Abrams created an iOS Safari bookmarklet to open pages in your Chrome browser.

Create a bookmark in Safari for the following address: javascript.location.href=”googlechrome”+location.href.subsstring(4);

You can name the bookmark “Open in Chrome.” When you select it, it will open your current Safari page in Google’s browser.

Have you tried Chrome for iOS?

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Google to pay Mozilla $300M a year

According to a report by AllThingsD, Google will pay Firefox $900 million dollar to extend the partnership to three more years. $300 million for each year.

The deal which was signed a few days ago was crucial in keeping Mozilla in the business. The browser company earned 84% of its $123 million income in 2010 from its Google partnership.

Google outbid its top competitor Bing for the exclusive rights to become the default search engine of Mozilla. Microsoft’s Bing currently holds 15% of the search market in the U.S..

According to StatCounter, Mozilla holds a 25% share of the global browser market. Reports also said that Google overpaid for the right to be the browser’s default search slot. Even though their own browser, the Google Chrome, is eating up Firefox’s share in the market.

It would have been a huge help for the money-losing Bing if they won the bidding.

Microsoft’s share in the same business is coming from their partner Yahoo. Bing is the one who powers Yahoo Search, while Yahoo gives search-advertising services for the two.

Unfortunately for Bing, it has failed to eat in to the market of Google in the search market. Google currently owns 65% of the market.

Mozilla launches Firefox for Android phones and tabs

Following the release of Firefox 9.0 just this month, Mozilla has also launched a version of this browser  for Android phones and tablets.

Mozilla has specifically redesigned and optimized the user interface of this version to work excellently on tablets.

A blog posted by the company explains the changes.

Firefox for Android leverages large tablet screen sizes and optimizes popular features for tablets. The Awesome Screen integrates Firefox Sync and makes it easy to access your browsing history, open tabs, bookmarks and saved passwords across desktop and mobile devices so you can type less and browse more.

The blog also introduces the Action Bar menu which allows users to access Firefox Preferences, Add-ons, downloads and other services.

“The Action Bar adds the back, forward and bookmark buttons for easy access,” the blog writes. “One-touch bookmarks enable you to add an icon to your Android home screen for your favorite websites and Web apps, making Web apps as easy to use as native apps.”

Lastly, the Firefox for Android also includes tools for HTML5  developers such as  HTML5 Input Tag for Camera Access and supports  the HTML5 Form Validation API.

The new Firefox browser for Android-based phones and tablets is now available for download here.

Firefox, Google renew search deal

The tightly contested battle between Internet browsers is now starting to end in a win by Google’s own browser Chrome. Mozilla Firefox, who used to lord over the race has been losing ground to Chrome. One report said that the latter is in front of Firefox for the first time outpointing it by a mere 1 percent.

Google, being the default search engine for Mozilla’s Firefox for quite sometime now, has renewed their ties with the search engine giant. The said agreement will extend the partnership of the two to three more years. Though there have been reports before that Mozilla is expecting an extended agreement with Google. But some individuals said that the latter might try to alter the agreement.

This partnership makes sense in so many ways. One of it is Mozilla, as an organization, is a friendly partner. At the same time, their browser commands quite a following. The agreement was initially planned to be renewed last November. But due to the long negotiations, it was only signed this month.

The next three years will be important for the two’s partnership.

Firefox search engine negotiation for Google, Mozilla?

Mozilla and Google has teamed up for several years now. Google has been the default search engine for Mozilla. And in those instances the latter has been receiving some valuable payments in exchange for the exclusivity.

However, the deal has already expired last November. Does this open the doors for Bing and other search engines to knock on Mozilla’s doors and offer their services to this browsing giant?

A spokesperson from Mozilla has confirmed that they “are in active negotiations” with Google “[but] have nothing further to announce this time.”

She added that their “search relationship with Google remains positive” for the two. She also indicated that they have “every confidence that search partnerships will continue to be a strong and growing generator of revenue for the foreseeable future.”

An official statement from Google said that the company doesn’t generally “disclose specific terms of business agreements” and that they “can confirm that we still have an agreement with Mozilla, but have nothing new to share at this time.”

In their October slate report however, Mozilla admits that their biggest search contract is with Google, taking up 84 percent of its royalty revenues.

According to the Mozilla-managed search engine, “the majority of Mozilla’s revenue is generated from search funtionality included in our Firefox product through all major search partners including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon, Ebay and others. Mozilla’s reported revenues also include very important individual and corporate donations and grants as well as other forms of income from our investable assets.”

So will these two internet giants take their separate ways? Let’s stay tuned 🙂

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Google beats Safari in browser war

According to a report from Net Applications, an Internet analytics firm, Google Chrome has taken Apple Safari’s position as the world’s third most popular Web browser.

Despite being just over a year old, the Google web browser’s usage grew from 3.93 percent in November 2009 to 4.63 in December of the same year. Safari’s share of browser usage on the other hand, only increased by .10 percent; from 4.36 in November to 4.36 in December.

On the top three however, the names aren’t changing.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds the top spot with a market share of 62.69 percent in December. Let us take note however, that this number isn’t IE’s highest share. In fact, the numbers are slowly declining from a little less than 70 percent in February of 2009 then 63.62 in November of the same year.

Mozilla’s Firefox however, still can’t beat IE despite the latter’s decreasing share. Firefox holds 24.61 percent share in browser usage, securing its place as the second most popular browser.

Opera completes the top five browsers with a market share of 2.40 in December of 2009.


Mozilla releases Firefox 3.6 beta

In a article in its website , Mozilla unveiled the beta version of Firefox 3.6 on Friday and is now available for download.

This version is based on Gecko 1.9.2 web rendering engine which contains many improvements for web developers, Add-on developers, and users. It now supports new CSS, DOM, HTML5 and the WOOF font format.

Other new features of Firefox 3.6 beta includes improved JavaScript performance, better browser responsiveness and startup time, changing the browser’s appearance with a single click, support for poster frames and full screen display of open, native videos.

Mozilla also added a new technology that alerts users about out-of-date plugins as well as a tech that enables users to drag and drop files from the PC to the browser, making it easier for developers to update websites.

Most add-ons however are yet to be upgraded by their authors to be compatible with Firefox 3.6 beta. Users who want to test their add-ons can download the Add-on Compatibility Reporter here.


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