Google to pay Mozilla $300M a year


According to a report by AllThingsD, Google will pay Firefox $900 million dollar to extend the partnership to three more years. $300 million for each year.

The deal which was signed a few days ago was crucial in keeping Mozilla in the business. The browser company earned 84% of its $123 million income in 2010 from its Google partnership.

Google outbid its top competitor Bing for the exclusive rights to become the default search engine of Mozilla. Microsoft’s Bing currently holds 15% of the search market in the U.S..

According to StatCounter, Mozilla holds a 25% share of the global browser market. Reports also said that Google overpaid for the right to be the browser’s default search slot. Even though their own browser, the Google Chrome, is eating up Firefox’s share in the market.

It would have been a huge help for the money-losing Bing if they won the bidding.

Microsoft’s share in the same business is coming from their partner Yahoo. Bing is the one who powers Yahoo Search, while Yahoo gives search-advertising services for the two.

Unfortunately for Bing, it has failed to eat in to the market of Google in the search market. Google currently owns 65% of the market.


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