Mozilla launches Firefox for Android phones and tabs


Following the release of Firefox 9.0 just this month, Mozilla has also launched a version of this browser for Android phones and tablets.

Mozilla has specifically redesigned and optimized the user interface of this version to work excellently on tablets.

A blog posted by the company explains the changes.

Firefox for Android leverages large tablet screen sizes and optimizes popular features for tablets. The Awesome Screen integrates Firefox Sync and makes it easy to access your browsing history, open tabs, bookmarks and saved passwords across desktop and mobile devices so you can type less and browse more.

The blog also introduces the Action Bar menu which allows users to access Firefox Preferences, Add-ons, downloads and other services.

“The Action Bar adds the back, forward and bookmark buttons for easy access,” the blog writes. “One-touch bookmarks enable you to add an icon to your Android home screen for your favorite websites and Web apps, making Web apps as easy to use as native apps.”

Lastly, the Firefox for Android also includes tools for HTML5 developers such as HTML5 Input Tag for Camera Access and supports the HTML5 Form Validation API.

The new Firefox browser for Android-based phones and tablets is now available for download here.