No more Safari for Windows based PCs


Windows users who are big Safari fans may be disappointed with the recent development made by the browser’s developer Apple, as the latter has decided to pull Safari for Windows out, just in time for the release of Apple’s Safari 6.

However, Windows users can still download Safari version 5.1.7 after tediously scouring for the download link in Apple’s support pages.
The Safari version that can be downloaded by Windows users is the same with the Web browser that came with OS X 10.7.4 a couple of months ago.

People speculate that Apple’s reason for pulling the plug for the Safari for Windows is that Apple is no longer interested in giving Windows a port for its OS X browser.

Safari currently lags behind Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome with a 4.7% share of the browser market.
According to Forbes writer Adrian Kinsely-Hughes, “While I find Safari to be an adequate browser for the Mac OS X platform, when it comes to Windows I’d put it behind Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and even Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. In fact, the only time I even fire it up on Windows is when I’m testing something.”

Would it be a big loss for Microsoft users?

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