Firefox, Google renew search deal


The tightly contested battle between Internet browsers is now starting to end in a win by Google’s own browser Chrome. Mozilla Firefox, who used to lord over the race has been losing ground to Chrome. One report said that the latter is in front of Firefox for the first time outpointing it by a mere 1 percent.

Google, being the default search engine for Mozilla’s Firefox for quite sometime now, has renewed their ties with the search engine giant. The said agreement will extend the partnership of the two to three more years. Though there have been reports before that Mozilla is expecting an extended agreement with Google. But some individuals said that the latter might try to alter the agreement.

This partnership makes sense in so many ways. One of it is Mozilla, as an organization, is a friendly partner. At the same time, their browser commands quite a following. The agreement was initially planned to be renewed last November. But due to the long negotiations, it was only signed this month.

The next three years will be important for the two’s partnership.