SeatGuru app not a hit among users

People don’t always enjoy flying. While some individuals relish the experience, a handful suffers from the annoying conditions that some flights have. From long queues of the check in counter to rude seatmates, the list goes on and on.

Little perks here and there are a good thing and an excellent way to lighten up the burden.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the mobile app of SeatGuru.

The much beloved service that informs you which seats on planes are good and vice versa is now available on your mobile device.

It’s simple, you just input the airline and flight number into the app and the app presents you with a detailed map of the seats on the jet.

Unfortunately, the app also has lows. This doesn’t give you a rundown of your preferences and doesn’t inform you of seat availability or let you reserve a seat. The map was also designed back in 2007.

The app has other features. It has a TripAdvisor search engine, though it’s just basic.

There is also a flight tracker. But be aware that when you check for a flight, it will automatically give you a selection of flights not during the day but later on the month.

New Zealand shops prepare for latest iPad launch

Tech shops and retail outlets in New Zealand are preparing for the rush of Apple enthusiasts as the popular iPad will be made available in their country this week.

Selected JB-Hi Fi stores will be opening its doors an hour earlier than the usual to accommodate the throng of individuals who are expected to be flooding their gates to purchase the new tablet.

The Warehouse had made 100 iPads available online last Tuesday. These tablets were bought in the US and were quickly purchased by New Zealanders.

The device has been available in select countries internationally since last week with Apple selling about 3 million units on its first week of release.

The latest iPad which boasts of 4G capability and a 64 GB memory is the most expensive iteration of the device.

Apple is expecting that this device will safeguard their tablet business in the advent of tablet technology and companies pouring on their money in this business.

The 4G technology is 10 times faster than the 3G technology. Analysts expect that the latest iPad will have a more improved video quality.

The new iPad has a battery which has a battery 70% bigger than the previous versions is expected to lord over the rest of the field.

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March 7 invitation from Apple confirms iPad 3 launching?

Get rid of your iPad 2 because rumor has it that the latest iPad is going to be unveiled next week.

According to Reuters, Apple Inc. is hosting an event next Wednesday where it is expected that Apple will finally publicize their much anticipated device to protect their tablet market amidst growing pressure from the Kindle Fire and other tabs.

The media event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Fransisco where the company also revealed their previous iPads.

The invitation only event features an invite that has a partial picture of the touchscreen of a device that is similar to the iPad.

The company’s launches is one of the most anticipated and celebrated events of the calendar.

This latest version of the iPad boasts of a faster quad-core processor and a high definition screen.

Analysts is also expecting 4G capability for this iPad as to prepare itself for the technologies that telecommunication networks would be having.

According to Avi Greengart, analyst at Current Analysis, “The picture is zoomed in on an icon and I don’t see any pixels in that icon. You don’t need exceptional foresight to guess that Apple is looking at a higher resolution display.”


Knomo iPad 2 Folio has tracking features

Gadgets nowadays are very fragile. Devices seem to get smaller and smaller as developers race to create a one of a kind product that is better, faster and smaller than the previous one.

The “Gorilla Glass” is one creation that should be placed on all existing devices as this one of a kind invention helps to build your device into an indestructible toy.

Since not all gadgets are created with “Gorilla Glass”, we end up buying things that shield the latter from the harshness of the environment and at times our recklessness. Shielding your gadget from these troubling nuisances is of utmost priority to all of us. And if we can combine protection, style and functionality into one the better.

Introducing the iPad 2 Folio from Knomo London. Retailing at $80, this wonderful piece of creation combines soft nappa leather with tough molded plastic and perfectly matches form and function.

The leather-coated plastic frame firmly clamps onto the back of your device, while the leather front has a magnet to keep the flap closed.

Folding the flap backwards allows you to stand your iPad 2 in two different ways. First, it lets you angle your device slightly to let you browse easily. Next is you can let it stand up nearly 90 degrees to allow you to present to your guests or watch a movie.

The best feature of the folio is it has a tracker tag. This allows you to track or locate your device. Isn’t that fabulous?

iPad typing: still a difficulty

Touch typists will find it difficult to type a paragraph in an iPad without committing errors. Except maybe for a gifted few, the flat screen makes it hard for individuals to feel their way through its keyboard due to the absence of a physical keyboard.

For those of you who are having problems with the number of errors you make typing in an iPad, you are not alone.

Iphone and iPad developer in UK, Dave Addey, even has the same trouble as most mortals when typing in an iPad. He wondered why he was getting a ton of mistakes typing in his device. So he recorded the screen while he typed and found out which keys registered a touch and the order in which they registered.

He analyzed results he found on the video and one of his findings are that some keystrokes on the keyboard did not record in the document. An example of which is when he typed “i have”, the result became “iave”. The auto correct function automatically kicked in and corrected the word and typed “image”. Still an error considering that you typed the words “i have”.

So what would be the best tip to type faster? Practice, practice and more practice.

For those who need assistence, an app that teaches users how to “Taptype” is also available in the AppStore. But faster and more reliable means however,  it would be still  be smart to bring with you a physical keyboard such as Apple’s wireless Bluetooth keyboard or purchase a case with a keyboard attachment such as this one from Logitech. 😀

Kindle Fire features, still no match for iPad

The new bargain priced Kindle Fire has received good reveiws lately and it seems that it has ignited public interest on the tablet arena. Unfortuantely, with the gazillion updates Amazon and other tablet manufacturers have done to their devices, it’s a pity that it’s hard to read books on.

The Kindle Fire is suppsed-to-become 2012‘s most affordable tablet. Its $200 price tag is cheap and a better choice compared to other terrible Android brands that seem to sprout out from China.

Apple’s iPad has a legit rival in Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series. Much like their bigger brothers, the tablet arena also seems to have two dominant brands in the market in 2012.

But the Kindle Fire is no iPad. That is one fact that is clear. It feels like a brick. Just like a Soviet version of Apple’s innovation. Some even argue that you should not call it a tablet.

But there are also things that this little gizmo can brag about. One, it has tons of video, music and Amazon lets you keep formats that isn’t restricted to the Kindle alone. It’s like a big iPod that gives you the ability to surf the web and check emails.

 Unfortunately, it isn’t good for reading ebooks.

Apple to release two bigger iPads?

As long as the Cupertino-based company isn’t releasing an official statement as to what they will be coming up next, the rumor mill won’t stop churning. This time however, its spawning twins.

Yes, you read that right. Speculations now center on Apple releasing two versions of  next-generation iPads next year as reported by DigiTimes.  These will reportedly target the mid- and high-end markets while the existing IPad 2 will be positioned to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the Nook.

Apparently, Apple wont be settling for smaller versions of iPad. DigiTimes also reports that the new models will be sporting 9.7-inch screens instead of the 7.85-screen that they already have. These screens will feature QXGA resolution as well as two light bars to increase brightness.

Richard Shim, a DisplaySearch analyst, has already reported last month that Apple is going to this QXGA direction. “It’s happening–QXGA, 2048×1536. Panel production has started [for the next-generation iPad]. There’s three suppliers.”

As always, we really can’t say for any certainty what these guys will be coming up. We’ll have to wait for when these devices will be supposedly unveiled on January at the iWorld conference.

Amazon: Kindle sales hits millionth mark

Amazon announced last Thursday that Kindle devices were flying of the shelves for the past few weeks. They are estimating a million Kindle devices sold per week for the past three weeks. The sales are for their latest Kindle fire, Kindle touch and the Kindle.

Their latest gadget, the Kindle Fire, is their version of the tablet that runs on Android. The said device was recently released and it has features that can hook into Kindle’s digital music, movies, TV shows and Kindle ebooks

Comparing the Kindle Fire to Apple’s iPad 2 is a no brainer. But it has been a big hit for Amazon and is currently ranked behind the iPad in the tablet market.

Though Amazon didn’t breakdown the sales of each of their products, they did say that their Kindle Fire remains to be their best selling device. It is the most gifted and most wished for gadget in the Amazon site since its release.

The demand for the Fire has been surging week after week and the company announced that sales for the Fire has already reached the million mark.

iPad 3 to be launched in February 2012

Well, at least that’s what one analyst says.

Richard Gardner, a Citi analyst, sent a research note stating that “several sources” indicates that Apple will be launching iPad 3 as much as a month earlier than the release of iPad 2 last year.

“[T]here do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining,” Gardner wrote in the note first found by the Business Insider.

According to Gardner, the iPad 3 will have twice the resolution of the iPad 2. Now considering the already-very-brilliant display of the latter, that is indeed something to look forward to.

Apple is still on the top spot when we talk of tablets, but it cannot also be denied that more affordable tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are slowly gaining popularity. If Apple will indeed be releasing their most innovative tablet technology, then the company will probably gain back whatever market share they have lost to other tablets. Of course, older versions of the iPad will have their price reduced, so more consumers can afford it.

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