Apple to release two bigger iPads?


As long as the Cupertino-based company isn’t releasing an official statement as to what they will be coming up next, the rumor mill won’t stop churning. This time however, its spawning twins.

Yes, you read that right. Speculations now center on Apple releasing two versions of next-generation iPads next year as reported by DigiTimes. These will reportedly target the mid- and high-end markets while the existing IPad 2 will be positioned to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the Nook.

Apparently, Apple wont be settling for smaller versions of iPad. DigiTimes also reports that the new models will be sporting 9.7-inch screens instead of the 7.85-screen that they already have. These screens will feature QXGA resolution as well as two light bars to increase brightness.

Richard Shim, a DisplaySearch analyst, has already reported last month that Apple is going to this QXGA direction. “It’s happening–QXGA, 2048×1536. Panel production has started [for the next-generation iPad]. There’s three suppliers.”

As always, we really can’t say for any certainty what these guys will be coming up. We’ll have to wait for when these devices will be supposedly unveiled on January at the iWorld conference.