Amazon: Kindle sales hits millionth mark


Amazon announced last Thursday that Kindle devices were flying of the shelves for the past few weeks. They are estimating a million Kindle devices sold per week for the past three weeks. The sales are for their latest Kindle fire, Kindle touch and the Kindle.

Their latest gadget, the Kindle Fire, is their version of the tablet that runs on Android. The said device was recently released and it has features that can hook into Kindle’s digital music, movies, TV shows and Kindle ebooks

Comparing the Kindle Fire to Apple’s iPad 2 is a no brainer. But it has been a big hit for Amazon and is currently ranked behind the iPad in the tablet market.

Though Amazon didn’t breakdown the sales of each of their products, they did say that their Kindle Fire remains to be their best selling device. It is the most gifted and most wished for gadget in the Amazon site since its release.

The demand for the Fire has been surging week after week and the company announced that sales for the Fire has already reached the million mark.