iPad typing: still a difficulty


Touch typists will find it difficult to type a paragraph in an iPad without committing errors. Except maybe for a gifted few, the flat screen makes it hard for individuals to feel their way through its keyboard due to the absence of a physical keyboard.

For those of you who are having problems with the number of errors you make typing in an iPad, you are not alone.

Iphone and iPad developer in UK, Dave Addey, even has the same trouble as most mortals when typing in an iPad. He wondered why he was getting a ton of mistakes typing in his device. So he recorded the screen while he typed and found out which keys registered a touch and the order in which they registered.

He analyzed results he found on the video and one of his findings are that some keystrokes on the keyboard did not record in the document. An example of which is when he typed “i have”, the result became “iave”. The auto correct function automatically kicked in and corrected the word and typed “image”. Still an error considering that you typed the words “i have”.

So what would be the best tip to type faster? Practice, practice and more practice.

For those who need assistence, an app that teaches users how to “Taptype” is also available in the AppStore. But faster and more reliable means however, it would be still be smart to bring with you a physical keyboard such as Apple’s wireless Bluetooth keyboard or purchase a case with a keyboard attachment such as this one from Logitech. 😀