Knomo iPad 2 Folio has tracking features


Gadgets nowadays are very fragile. Devices seem to get smaller and smaller as developers race to create a one of a kind product that is better, faster and smaller than the previous one.

The “Gorilla Glass” is one creation that should be placed on all existing devices as this one of a kind invention helps to build your device into an indestructible toy.

Since not all gadgets are created with “Gorilla Glass”, we end up buying things that shield the latter from the harshness of the environment and at times our recklessness. Shielding your gadget from these troubling nuisances is of utmost priority to all of us. And if we can combine protection, style and functionality into one the better.

Introducing the iPad 2 Folio from Knomo London. Retailing at $80, this wonderful piece of creation combines soft nappa leather with tough molded plastic and perfectly matches form and function.

The leather-coated plastic frame firmly clamps onto the back of your device, while the leather front has a magnet to keep the flap closed.

Folding the flap backwards allows you to stand your iPad 2 in two different ways. First, it lets you angle your device slightly to let you browse easily. Next is you can let it stand up nearly 90 degrees to allow you to present to your guests or watch a movie.

The best feature of the folio is it has a tracker tag. This allows you to track or locate your device. Isn’t that fabulous?