Grab Launches Food Delivery Service In Southeast Asia

Food Delivery Service Launched By Grab In Southeast Asia

Grab has launched a food delivery service in Southeast Asia.  The food delivery service is known as GrabFood.  It is already available in beta in some countries, including Singapore.

Grab is planning to reach its core six markets in Southeast Asia is set for the coming months.  The company just completed its acquisition of Uber’s Southeast Asia business.

Grab’s Food Delivery Service

GrabFood is available as a standalone app in Singapore.  As part of Grab’s acquisition of Uber Southeast Asia, it took over UberEats in the region.  It moved its merchants and customer base to GrabFood before shuttering the Uber service.

Customers can pay in cash, through card or GrabPay for their orders. The customers are also entitled to GrabRewards.. This is the rewards and loyalty program of Grab.

It has two notable features.  It allows customers to order in advance and it has no minimum amount required for your orders.

Making Everyday Life Easier

Grab said in a statement that its going into the food delivery business is an important move to realize its plan.  This plan is to develop “an interconnected ecosystem of consumer services to make the everyday lives of people easier”.

Grab’s Acquisition Of Uber

The company has announced its deal to buy rival company Uber’s local business in March.  The itself did not seem to prosper smoothly, as expected.

Although Uber is out of the way, Grab will still be facing competition in Go-Jek, the market leader in Indonesia.  Its food delivery service will not only compete with Go-Jek’s FoodGo, but also with FoodPanda, and Deliveroo.

Grab is said to be raising $1 billion in fresh funds with a valuation of $10 million.  Which represents a significant increase on the $6 billion valuation that the company has commanded last July.

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Open Door Remotely With Klevio’s Help

Klevio Launches App That Lets You Open Doors Remotely

Klevio launches an app that will allow you to open doors remotely.  This can be done with the use of a smart intercom.  The system lets you control your door locks remotely via an iOS and Android app on your phone.

The Klevio One

Klevio is a smart home startup out of the United Kingdom.  It is officially launching its first product, the Klevio One.  This device is responsible for making you control your door locks remotely.

It is designed to be retrofitted to existing electric strike-enabled locks.  It also interfaces with intercom systems found on the communal doors of apartment blocks.

Installation Of The Klevio One

The company said that the approach they have taken is different to smart locks that typically use a motor to turn the lock.  It is also different from those which require tearing out and replacing your existing locks.

If you already have an electric strike as part of your lock, The Klevio One can simply be wired to interface with it.  If you don’t, an authorized installer can fit one to your existing lock for you.

All About The Smart Lock

The company is not re-inventing the whole thing.  It just took the years old, tried and tested, reliable electric-strike technology and adding smart connectivity to it.

Klevio One can work with multiple doors.  This means there is no need to modify the communal doors of apartment buildings when installing it.

The system is cloud-connected, so it can make you control your lock remotely, and issue virtual and one-time use keys.  It comes in a WiFi only version and a subscription version with added 4G.

How To Order

To date, the company has raised 1.2 million pounds in funding.  Prior to its wider launch, the device has been piloted with 1,000 users across London.  To order this device, you can visit the Klevio website.

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Hugging Face Could Be Your Bff

Hugging Face:  Your New BFF To Hang Out With

Hugging Face Chatbot can be the your new BFF to hang out and chat with.  What could be more interesting than chatting and hanging out with your new AI friend?

The Hugging Face Chatbot

The reason behind the chatbot is to make interaction with artificial intelligence more interesting and entertaining.  That is why Hugging Face has become the fast-growing chatbot startup that has quickly become the best artificial BFF for teenagers.

Chatbots are ways to get in touch with customers, readers, and any other kinds of audiences.  Chatbots can be your companion, be someone to chat with, but only when you feel like it.

The idea behind the Hugging Face chatbot.  It lets you have unlimited chat with your artificial intelligence friend. The app is not about business, or sales, or convenience.  It is about emotions and entertainment.

New Found Best Friend

Teenagers have found a new best friend in  the Hugging Face.  This has become popular with them, making the chatbot their favorite.  it is because they can chat with it anytime and share with it pretty much everything they have in mind.

More About Hugging Face

Over one million messages per day are being handled by the app.  It has been available as a standard app for iOS and as a chatbot on Kik.  To gain greater traction, its developer brought it to Messenger.  The Hugging Face chatbot accepts messages, photos, videos, and of course, emojis.  The app can start a conversation based on your emotions.  It can be determined based on the selfie you send.  Your new BFF knows how you feel based on the selfie you send.

This app is a good one for people who find it hard to open up with other people.  Especially with teenagers.  Many cases of suicide among teenagers are results of depression.  They become depressed because they have nobody to talk to.  The chatbot will be a big help to these people.

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It May Soon Be Possible To Watch YouTube Videos in Incognito Mode

YouTube spotted testing an Incognito mode on Android that doesn’t save your viewing history.

(Image credit: Android Police)

Users will soon be able to watch all that crazy, bizarre and weird stuff on YouTube in secret thanks to the app’s Incognito Mode.

The YouTube Android app has been spotted to have the Incognito mode for some of its users. This is the latest addition to the list of services online offering a dedicated mode for no-history browsing. This includes browsers and digital keyboards like Gboard, and Swiftkey.

Of course, if you aren’t signed in to you account in YouTube, there aren’t any history being recorded. But a lot of us have channels that we have subscribed to and being signed in helps to see them faster. Being in Incognito Mode allows you to still be signed in but with the benefit of incognito browsing.

Android Police first reported the testing on the YouTube app for Android devices. The new change appears to be rolling out for select users through a server-side update. This means there are no actions necessary for users to have this update.

Once you click on your avatar from the top-right corner of the YouTube app, a dedicated Turn on Incognito option can now be seen. This replaces the Sign out option which is now accessible through the Switch account option.

Currently, YouTube’s mobile apps already let users pause their viewing and search history by finding those toggles in the settings menu. This new mode is a quicker way to do just that. However, being incognito mode doesn’t make a user totally invisible. Activities will still be logged at the employer, institution, or the Internet service provider (ISP) end.

No word yet as to when this update will be available to all users, including the YouTube app for iOS. We’ll be keeping a lookout!

Google App Beta Rolls Out With Screenshot, Annotation Tool

Google users will soon experience a new screenshot tool. This news has surfaced after reports indicate that the search giant is now testing the tool. What’s good about this news is the screenshot tool feature will soon be rolled out to its global audience.


Here’s what you need to know about Google App’s new tool


And this means that Google users will experience grabbing a screenshot captured by the mobile OS. Hence, Google users can quickly edit or perhaps shared the grabbed images.


However, the company pointed out that the new screenshot tool works only inside of the Google app. This includes both the main screen and the links that a user visited.


For tech-savvy users, Google’s screenshot tool and its functionality seem to break. This scenario was likely to exist when a user is browsing multiple links on a website.


Although in general principle, most of the users don’t actually treat the app like a web browser. The pen is also one of the features of the search giant’s screenshot tool. Using the pen, you can write on the grabbed images.



You can also crop photos. Both the pen and crop features are indeed useful for doing quick editing. The tool’s sharing feature to your social media contacts is also commendable.


In addition to the pen feature, you can also crop images as necessary, which is a very useful feature for showing friends or social networking contacts only the part of the screen they should see.

Apple iOS News: iOS 11.2.1 Update Features HomeKit Remote Sharing Fix

Apple users worldwide have something to look forward its recent iOS update. Apple has just released the Apple iOS 11.2.1 update for both iPad and iPhone. The update brings fixes to identified bugs, among others

The release of iOS 11.2.1 update just came nine days after the Cupertino-based tech company released the iOS 11.2. Apple users have welcomed the update because some users encountered a bug in the iOS 11.2. A handful of users encountered a bug that allows unauthorized access to connect to smart devices.

Tech website 9to5Mac has first spotted the existence of the bug. The bug gives unauthorized users to connect to lights, thermostats, locks, among others. This prompted Apple to release an iOS update immediately because if the bug were left unchecked, it would certainly pose a security and privacy threats to Apple’s global users.

Aside from the iOS 11.2.1 update, Apple has also released an update to Apple TV users. The Cupertino-based tech company has rolled out also the tVOS 11.2.1 update. Tech users claim that the VOS 11.2.1 update fixes the same issue found in both iPhones and iPads.

What’s the bug in iOS 11.2?

In Apple’s release note for the said update, it says that iOS 11.2.1 “fixes bugs including an issue that could disable remote access to shared users of the Home app.” On top of this, the update also attempted to fix the server-side issue which has been restored with the new update.

One of the problems in the iOS 11.2 was that Apple users were encountering an issue revolving the HomeKit. The said app, according to security analysts, has a certain vulnerability which intruders can deliberately use to their advantage.


Upon learning the vulnerability in the HomeKit app, Apple has released the update to fix the bug. However, the update reportedly broke the remote access intended for shared users. But the iOS 11.2.1 has restored the broken remote access for Apple users.

Conx2share, an Innovative One-stop Mobile App, Slated for January Launch

It started as a concept and a plan just a few months ago. Now it’s a cutting-edge technological phenomenon scheduled for a January launch.

We’re talking about Conx2share, a new one-stop mobile application that controls virtually all digital communication. This app, developed by a Toronto-based company with an international team of innovators and developers, is being recognized as the “next big thing.”

Conx2share is an innovative mobile app that has garnered serious attention from a host of media outlets including CNBC and Yahoo Finance.

Conx2share has developed a set of revolutionary communication features that mimic non-digital relationships. These features give the user the ability to create and share custom content through text, picture, video and blogging. The app also includes a profile page, with a personal photo, that identifies the user.

“Conx2share is a powerhouse communications app and so much more,” says Conx2share CEO/President HG Strickland. “It’s actually a communications app, social media app and communications hub.”

In addition to the communications features, Conx2share’s social media component is the first designed from the ground up for mobile users and is created to seamlessly function as one social network. This integrated platform allows creation of customized contact groups, such as Family, Business Network, or Close Friends. As a communications hub, the mobile app will deliver user content to existing social media accounts with just an easy tap of the finger.

“All of our features have been fully integrated into one platform built specifically for mobile users,” Strickland adds. “It’s easy to use, looks amazing and functions seamlessly.”

Developers have been burning the midnight oil to make Conx2share’s app even better.

“We have just added a new feature,” notes Strickland. “In addition to texting, sending pictures and videos with or without text, we now have included voice-to-voice messaging.

“You will be able to push a button and record a voice message and send. The recipient sees your profile image on the screen and listens to your message.”

Additional details can be found on the Indiegogo page, available at

Sign up for the free version is available at the company website (January launch) and iPhone users (iOS 8 required) can access the Beta Version as Testers through Apple’s TestFlight.


What You Don’t Know About iRescue, the Inside Scoop

So we’ve been talking to the team at iRescue and let me just say that they are definitely excited about this idea-turned-smartphone-app. And rightfully so, it can save someone’s life! When we first contacted them, we were one of the first 6 news media outlets covering their story. That number has now increased to 27 and is still growing.

But what is it that makes iRescue tick? How does this app stand out? Lucky for you, we have an exclusive interview that can answer all those questions and more!

What’s the best feature of iRescue?

Honestly the boys like the Hide and Seek feature best. It was implemented as a way for people to practice using iRescue without sending messages to their Safety Circle that they need help, but the boys think it is a lot of fun.

Fun and games aside, the Amber Alert function is the most amazing feature. Imagine a kid is abducted but they have their phone on them. Their parents or Police can remotely activate iRescue to find them. Upon activation the speaker and vibrate function will be disabled so it does not draw the attention of the abductor. Once the beacon phone and search phone are in contact via Bluetooth – then the speaker emits a loud buzzer. iRescue will simultaneously send out GPS coordinates to everyone in the kid’s Safety Circle. A second message is then sent to the kid from someone in the Safety Circle along with any changes in the GPS coordinates, making it easy to locate them.

Will iRescue work in other countries outside the US? If so, is the process the same or different depending on the country?

The main function will still function anywhere in the world – the beacon and searching function looking for the beacon. But obviously, when the FEMA – IPAWS functionality is employed that will only work in the USA.

Why did you want to make iRescue a smartphone app as opposed to a small, affordable device that people could carry with them?

We originally talked about building a device which would be a standalone device, or something that attached to a cell phone, but when we started talking about what it would take to produce a device – engineered drawings, tooling, finding a factory, shipping and storing the pieces, and delivering them to customers, it quickly got beyond the scope of anything we thought we could do. But most people already have a cell phone in their pocket, and an app at $0.99 is less than any standalone device would cost. Plus being a ‘virtual product’ there is no inventory, tooling or logistics concerns.

What’s been the hardest bug for the dev team to squash and how did they overcome it?

The biggest issue we’ve had is the different restrictions on access to phone functionality when it comes to the various platforms. iOS and Windows limit to varying degrees what we can do with scanning and sending text messages. Android, however, provides the most functionality so we can do just about anything we need to do without limitations. Currently we cannot (without user intervention) send a text message from these platforms. Not a problem in most situations, but if someone is unconscious it does limit our ability to send location information.

We’ve overcome it by making iRescue as feature rich as possible under the limitations imposed by the platforms. We are also speaking with both Microsoft and Apple to attempt to gain access to scan and send text messages without user intervention.

What are the thoughts from the team surrounding its Kickstarter campaign and release?

The boys are really excited. They’ve had a lot of fun watching the pledge count go up. If we can get to $20k we can start developing a Natural Disaster curriculum for all the school kids in the US, and provide each of them with a free download of iRescue. 

What could we see in future app updates?

The boys are calling for it to locate the nearest Ice Cream store, but I think the first feature we will be adding after launch is the FEMA-IPAWS function (Integrated Public Alert and Warning System). We have been vetted by FEMA and entered an agreement which allows us to publically disseminate emergency warnings. We don’t have time before launch to have it up and tested, but we would like to add the feature very soon.

What do you think will be the most effective way to get the word out?

We plan on using several different methods:

  • Word of mouth – Sharing on social media is built into iRescue. With a few touches of a screen users can send a link to their friends and family via text message, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, asking them to get iRescue.
  • First Responders – We are in discussions with local Fire Chiefs and the State Police to provide a copy of iRescue to all of their personnel. We’d like to expand that program across the US. (or the World)
  • Safety Classes – We would like to create a curriculum which Fire and Police could use during their school visits to help teach kids about how to be save in emergency situations. We’d also provide all the students and staff with free versions of iRescue.

With that being said, let’s see what we can do to get the word out regarding iRescue and making sure the kids of the world are prepared for an emergency. Who knows, you may indirectly have an impact on saving someone’s life!

If we missed a question you had, or you want to leave your thoughts on this app, let us know in the comment section. Keep Being Awesome!

Your Smartphone as a Search and Rescue Beacon?

Chances are the following situations could happen at any given moment. A friend of yours is stuck in the middle of a hurricane in Florida, a boy scout troop is lost in the woods, a twelve-year-old child is kidnapped but has a phone in their backpack with them, or your wheelchair-bound great-grandmother is in the path of a tornado evacuation. I’m sure you’d appreciate a positive news story that so-and-so made it out at the last moment and survived or that a kidnapped child was found.

What you didn’t probably didn’t know is the life-changing app working behind the scenes that saved them. Now I know what you’re going to say, “Well that’s great and all, but a smartphone needs a signal and cell towers to work.” This app works without them, an achievement the developers are proud to announce.


Introducing iRescue, a rescue beacon or a search and rescue device smartphone app, coming to Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows Marketplace in October 2014 for $0.99.

iRescue has an arrangement with FEMA to broadcast Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) through the IPAWS system. This will allow automated activation of the iRescue beacon if you are in a danger zone. Included in the app is an Amber Alert tracking system that will not only find the location but also the direction of travel when someone has been abducted, allowing for emergency response. Additionally, the Oregon Fire Chiefs Association we will be working to promote it this fall.

The part I like about this whole story is that the idea for the iRescue app came out of a FIRST® Lego League competition held in the fall of 2013. Each year has a different theme for the competition, in 2013 it was Nature’s Fury. The Rockin’ Robots, who are developing the app with the help of several outside contractors, are a group of 6 boys, a mascot, and a Lego® robot from Eccles Elementary School in Canby, Oregon. The team was tasked with coming up with an idea to help people before, during or after a natural disaster and this app was the result. They thought it was good enough that they put together a Kickstarter campaign for it. Apparently other people thought so too and they surpassed their goal in less than 24 hours! iRescue is planned to launch on Android and Apple iOS shortly after the campaign ends.

This is one app we’ll be keeping an eye on. Fingers crossed that we can get a behind the scenes look from the developers.

NoWait app: say goodbye to long queues from restaurants

Hate waiting at the bar to be seated?

The agonizing wait for your table to be available has made a simple dinner out with your partner a very tedious task. Is there a way to eliminate this?

Unfortunately, there is none, unless you make a reservation and make it on time.

But there is an app available that can inform you when your table is available, so you’ll avoid lounging around the restaurant for long periods of time.

NoWait enables restaurants to send their guests a text message when their table is ready.

NoWait eliminates the long queues and enables guests to roam around the nearby shops until their table is set.

According to CEO of NoWait Robert Myer, “In today’s information age, everyone wants immediate information, improved experience and they don’t want to be forgotten. NoWait reassures restaurant guests of their wait time so they can wait where they want.”

The NoWait app can be synched with your iPhone, iPod and iPad so that restaurant managers and others can update your device.

NoWait is an app that is currently geared to casual dining restaurant that don’t accept reservations.

Myer added, “For the restaurants, NoWait is a way to gain more customers per night and thus increase their revenue. Customers get a more enjoyable experience with real-time information so they can wait where they want and still go to the restaurants they want to.”

Would you download such an app?

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