Apple users worldwide have something to look forward its recent iOS update. Apple has just released the Apple iOS 11.2.1 update for both iPad and iPhone. The update brings fixes to identified bugs, among others

The release of iOS 11.2.1 update just came nine days after the Cupertino-based tech company released the iOS 11.2. Apple users have welcomed the update because some users encountered a bug in the iOS 11.2. A handful of users encountered a bug that allows unauthorized access to connect to smart devices.

Tech website 9to5Mac has first spotted the existence of the bug. The bug gives unauthorized users to connect to lights, thermostats, locks, among others. This prompted Apple to release an iOS update immediately because if the bug were left unchecked, it would certainly pose a security and privacy threats to Apple’s global users.

Aside from the iOS 11.2.1 update, Apple has also released an update to Apple TV users. The Cupertino-based tech company has rolled out also the tVOS 11.2.1 update. Tech users claim that the VOS 11.2.1 update fixes the same issue found in both iPhones and iPads.

What’s the bug in iOS 11.2?

In Apple’s release note for the said update, it says that iOS 11.2.1 “fixes bugs including an issue that could disable remote access to shared users of the Home app.” On top of this, the update also attempted to fix the server-side issue which has been restored with the new update.

One of the problems in the iOS 11.2 was that Apple users were encountering an issue revolving the HomeKit. The said app, according to security analysts, has a certain vulnerability which intruders can deliberately use to their advantage.


Upon learning the vulnerability in the HomeKit app, Apple has released the update to fix the bug. However, the update reportedly broke the remote access intended for shared users. But the iOS 11.2.1 has restored the broken remote access for Apple users.