NoWait app: say goodbye to long queues from restaurants


Hate waiting at the bar to be seated?

The agonizing wait for your table to be available has made a simple dinner out with your partner a very tedious task. Is there a way to eliminate this?

Unfortunately, there is none, unless you make a reservation and make it on time.

But there is an app available that can inform you when your table is available, so you’ll avoid lounging around the restaurant for long periods of time.

NoWait enables restaurants to send their guests a text message when their table is ready.

NoWait eliminates the long queues and enables guests to roam around the nearby shops until their table is set.

According to CEO of NoWait Robert Myer, “In today’s information age, everyone wants immediate information, improved experience and they don’t want to be forgotten. NoWait reassures restaurant guests of their wait time so they can wait where they want.”

The NoWait app can be synched with your iPhone, iPod and iPad so that restaurant managers and others can update your device.

NoWait is an app that is currently geared to casual dining restaurant that don’t accept reservations.

Myer added, “For the restaurants, NoWait is a way to gain more customers per night and thus increase their revenue. Customers get a more enjoyable experience with real-time information so they can wait where they want and still go to the restaurants they want to.”

Would you download such an app?

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