Google users will soon experience a new screenshot tool. This news has surfaced after reports indicate that the search giant is now testing the tool. What’s good about this news is the screenshot tool feature will soon be rolled out to its global audience.


Here’s what you need to know about Google App’s new tool


And this means that Google users will experience grabbing a screenshot captured by the mobile OS. Hence, Google users can quickly edit or perhaps shared the grabbed images.


However, the company pointed out that the new screenshot tool works only inside of the Google app. This includes both the main screen and the links that a user visited.


For tech-savvy users, Google’s screenshot tool and its functionality seem to break. This scenario was likely to exist when a user is browsing multiple links on a website.


Although in general principle, most of the users don’t actually treat the app like a web browser. The pen is also one of the features of the search giant’s screenshot tool. Using the pen, you can write on the grabbed images.



You can also crop photos. Both the pen and crop features are indeed useful for doing quick editing. The tool’s sharing feature to your social media contacts is also commendable.


In addition to the pen feature, you can also crop images as necessary, which is a very useful feature for showing friends or social networking contacts only the part of the screen they should see.