Not Using Google Apps in Your Business? Here’s Why You Should Reconsider


    Cloud computing is not a new concept, but Google Apps has certainly refined the technology so that business anywhere can advantage of the accessibility, speed, and storage. The Google App suite includes some of its trademark applications that can be used to make workflow among employees more fluid. These applications also provide better methods for interaction with customers and other stakeholders. Here are just a few Google Applications businesses should take advantage of to improve their operations.

    Google Reviews

    Now more than ever, it is vital for businesses to get Google reviews. Reviews give your business visibility and other associated benefits. According to Podium, using Google reviews can help your business increase trust and credibility, influence purchase decisions, and can boost your local search ranking. The more Google reviews, the more the trust and credibility of the business.

    This trust and credibility both depend on criteria such as authenticity, multiple reviews on the same site, and reviews on the pertinent industry. Google reviews also influence purchase decisions as they work as the impetus to push the client towards consideration to purchase. Having a high rating in Google reviews will ensure that more people buy from your business.

    Google AdWords

    Google AdWords is an advertising system where businesses bid on keywords that they can use for their clickable ads, which will be in Google’s search results. AdWords function faster than SEO as a marketing strategy in generating traffic and leads. An AdWords campaign that is well optimized may work more quickly for a business to obtain the coveted highest rank in the search.

    AdWords is also vital in increasing brand awareness, thus boosting clicks, traffic, and conversions. According to LeadSquared, the recent improvement in AdWords has given businesses the ability to reach customers through their Gmail will increase the probability of the purchase decision. The Gmail ads are generally less costly—hence they favor small and growing businesses with low budgets.

    Google My Business

    Google My Business has become an online directory for listing your business. GMB also allows a business to connect with its customers. Google My Business improves the search visibility of business by including its profile in Google Maps results and other Google’s Local 3-Pack. Google’s Local 3-pack is essential for search terms that will improve a business’s visibility and increase the chance of gaining prospective customers and sales. For companies like vape shops dealing with marketing limitations, GMB is an absolutely crucial part of connecting with potential customers. GMB also allows business owners to respond to reviews and enhance the purchase decisions based on the collaboration between the business and the potential customer. In the GMB dashboard, the business owner can send feedback requisition emails that may encourage the customer to leave reviews.

    Google Hangouts

    Google Hangouts is a limited social network aimed at businesses. This application has created a new technique of online marketing where meetings can be set up easily on mobile devices. One of the most practical uses of Google Hangouts for businesses has been for meeting virtually with clients, vendors, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

    As an added bonus, meetings on Google Hangouts can include up to nine people. Google Hangouts also offers real-time means of conversing with customers and introducing them to new products and services. Additionally, Hangouts can be used to assist clients and instruct them when they are stuck hence improving customer retention in a business. The personal and attentive response will elicit loyalty in customers.


    Gmail, Google’s flagship email application, is the most popular of their apps. Not only is Gmail easy to use, but the integration of Google App in Gmail allows businesses to function efficiently. Many businesses have found that Gmail is a vital tool for streamlining the internal communication of a business. Gmail is so robust that it can easily be accessed via the browser, mobile devices, and IMAP clients.

    Gmail can also help businesses that are struggling to communicate with their employees, customers, and stakeholders through its “threads” feature. Gmail also allows a business to send multiple emails to existing and potential customers. This personal form of communication will ensure loyalty in the current customer and the potentiality of purchase in the prospective customers.

    Google Docs

    The Google Docs application enhances collaboration and project management in businesses. It allows multiple users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. According to Workep, Google Docs enables coworkers, customers, and other stakeholders to share documents as attachments in emails and view without any hassle.

    Additionally, Google Docs allows a business to easily send their bids or presentations for a project. It’s easy to use and enables people with different extent of computer skills to effectively use the apps. Teams in an organization can also collaborate, even when working from different locations due to the ease of document access.

    Google Drive

    Google Drive is essential for backing up files where they can easily be accessed and protected from malicious use. Google Drive also allows for teamwork and extensive collaboration. Google Drive can be used to manage projects through shared documents and communication. Team members can share files with experts and consultants and track the changes in the documents in real-time. Google Drive allows you to create editorial calendars if the company is using blogging as a marketing technique. The calendar can be created and edited easily to track the schedule and ensure that appointments are on time. Google Drive can be used to create forms and surveys for registrations of customers.

    Google Sites

    Google sites are tools used for building private intranet hubs for business. Intranets are useful for team correspondence and segregation of internal communication. Google Sites can also be used to create sites for the public domain that can be used to enhance the face of the business. They incorporate important features such as importing data from other applications.

    Data from the appointment calendar may be used to schedule projects, while data from client forms may be vital in creating ad campaigns. Another great thing about Google Sites is that this app can integrate some features that will give the employees administrative capabilities. Employees may be able to edit and post information to the sites.

    With all of these tools that Google has come up with, it’s easier than ever to build up your business using the internet. If you’re looking to improve your operations or make things run more smoothly with cloud computing, these applications might just be the solution for you.

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