No Screenshot Notifications For Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Story

Instagram has stopped testing the screenshot notification for when users take a screenshot of your Story.

Back in February, the world got spooked. Not because of some natural disaster or a violent war. It was because Instagram started testing screenshot notifications for stories. The photo-sharing social network didn’t specify who and which part of the world were being tested either. Only that it was a “small group of people”.

“We are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you,” Instagram said at the time.

Users who tried to take screenshot got a warning the first time they did the “the deed”. “Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see it.”

It then showed a unique symbol in the viewer list for those friends who took a snap of your story. This is unlike Snapchat who actually sends out a notification when a screenshot is taken on a public or a private story.

But now, we all can breath again. The Facebook-owned service has released a statement to Buzzfeed News about its decision to terminate the test. This ends the months-long speculation of whether your snooping days are over.

The company however, did not elaborate on why it decided not to roll out the feature. But it likely had to do with user engagement. Care to make some guesses?