Which Streaming Device is Right for You?


    These days many households have been switching over to streaming media devices for their entertainment needs. These devices are allowing some individuals to cut out cable or satellite service and rely on other options to save money. They also provide flexibility in terms of what people can watch and when they watch it. With that said, which of the streaming devices is the best to use?

    Amazon’s Fire TV Stick

    Image Courtesy of TechNewsGadget

    Fire TV Stick is small, affordable and includes a lot of features. It allows viewers to install channels (or apps), games, and skills that they want. These include free channels or popular subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, or Sling TV, and streaming music channels. The newest Fire TV Stick also includes a remote that can activate “Alexa” the helpful voice assistant.

    With Alexa, viewers are able to control the Fire TV device using voice commands. In addition, some smart home functions are controllable such as lights, or the ability to view security camera or baby monitor (sold separately) feeds on the screen. The Fire TV is also great for Amazon Prime members who want to tap into their music, as well as free movies on the device!

    Apple’s streaming device

    Image Courtesy of AT&T Experience

    Apple TV is also one of the best streaming media devices around. The device is built for those who are avid iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and iTunes users. The device easily allows owners of these products (including iTunes music and videos) to integrate all of their media. It can be activated from the device’s screens.

    The latest device includes a super slim remote control which can turn a television on and off, adjust volume, and even activate Siri voice assistant. In addition to that, there are the possibilities to stream content from an iPhone, iPad, or Macbook device right to the TV screen using Apple TV features.

    The device also allows for Apple Home integration. That enables homeowners to use their device to control lights, adjust thermostats, view camera feeds, and much more in their home. Not bad for a device initially made for watching movies and videos or listening to music!

    The Google Chromecast

    Image Courtesy of Google

    The Google Chromecast is a very affordable streaming device. The Chromecast will allow for integration of Google Play Store purchases such as music, movies, or TV episodes. However, it’s important to note that to watch content on a Chromecast, it requires streaming content from a capable phone, tablet, or laptop browser. Unlike the Fire TV Stick or Apple TV, content isn’t “installed” on the Chromecast.

    Chromecast owners can stream subscription-based channels like Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, and other options. However, Apple and Amazon offer products that hook right up to the TV and don’t require streaming from a phone, tablet, or computer to use them. Still, Chromecast is an affordable option for those who don’t mind using their phone or other devices.

    Choosing the Best Device

    When it comes down to it, the best device for a household may come down to brand loyalty. Loyal fans of Apple and iOS will want the Apple TV for how well it works with their products and content. The same goes for Amazon Prime members with the Fire TV device, or Google/Android fans with the Chromecast. Having familiarity with these companies’ other devices will go a long way in terms of making these streaming devices fit right in for home entertainment!