How Technology Can Make Employee Training More Effective


Technology has changed just about every aspect of modern life, including learning and education. Nowadays, there is a whole industry, educational technology, that’s dedicated to the development of tech tools that support learning. These learning technologies aren’t just for high school kids. Corporate trainers who use technology in their training programs see many benefits. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why learning technologies are improving business training.

Learning Software

Businesses can gain many benefits from using a learning management system to train their employees. One of the key learning tools that business leaders can use is learning software. Learning or education software is software that has been created specifically to promote learning. These software programs combine pictures, sound, text and video to deliver the content. These elements promote student engagement and learning because many of their senses are involved, and often, these software programs are created to be both fun and educational.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has hit the education world by storm, and it shows no signs of slowing down. (The revenue for this industry is estimated at $200 million as of 2020.) Virtual reality brings a couple of important features to the education table. First, it doesn’t overload our brain’s cognitive functions, which makes learning easier. Next, virtual reality helps with memory because the immersion in virtual worlds helps learners to make spatial associations with the learning material. Finally, learning is easier if it’s experienced rather than just read.

Educational Games

Because educational games are fun, many people dismiss how powerful they are as teaching tools. They’re engaging because they’re fun. What people often forget is that play is how we learned best as children. However, the power of educational games goes beyond even the fun factor. Think about how games work nowadays. You can’t move up to the next level of the game until you’ve mastered the level you’re at. In the classroom or training setting, this means that students cannot advance until they’ve mastered the material they need to learn. This deepens learning in ways that many traditional teaching methods cannot replicate, at least not very easily.

The concept of fun in education seems to fly in the face of what we’ve been taught about education. Nowadays, rote learning is being replaced by educational technologies that make learning fun. Fortunately for corporate trainers, many of these tools have been developed with business training in mind. This means that technologies like virtual reality, educational games and comics and other fun learning tools are taking their rightful place in business training programs.

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