Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick VPN


VPN On Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick or the Firestick is the simple and cost-effective way of turning on any TV with a USB port into an internet-connected streaming device. This gives its user access to movies, TV shows and other content. But most of these content is geo-locked. It can only be accessed from specific countries. That is where VPN comes in.

What is VPN

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It encrypts all your internet traffic and routing it to an intermediary server to a location of your choice. You can “spoof” your location to make it appear to the content provider as if you are located in another country or region. You can now unblock the geo-locked content on the streaming apps.

By using VPN, you can have access on apps like HBO, Amazon Video Player, Netflix, and many more. Users who use Kodi on their Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks can hide the contents and destination of their internet traffic from snooping internet service providers.

Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick VPN

These devices run on a fork of the Android operating system. Although many VPN providers make Android apps, Fire TV does not have access to Google Play in order to download them. The first generation of Fire TV Stick does not support VPN apps at all.

Amazon fire tv

But there are different methods Amazon Fire TV owners can use to connect their device to a VPN. With the help of the internet, different methods can be found to do this. All they have to do is do select which method is more convenient for them or which method is applicable to their device.

Once they are able to connect to a VPN, Amazon Fire TV users can now unlock the geo-locked apps. Once these apps are unlocked, thru the VPN, streaming will be more fun. Easy access to streaming apps and other content will be possible. And you can stream to your heart’s content.

Technology is good and can help make life easier. But only if we use it properly and in the right way.