Instagram Now Lets You Share Posts Directly To Stories

Instagram stories

Instagram posts are now shareable in Stories, showing up as stickers.

Instagram stories

After rolling out changes for Instagram meant for business such as action buttons, the company is now unveiling a new feature for all users.

Instagram now lets you share public posts to your Stories, eliminating the need to screenshot posts for sharing. This feature is now available to Android users and is coming to iOS users soon.

Android users can find this feature under the share option in posts. To use it, click the share button (that paperplane looking thing) below the post. You will see the new Create a story with this post option. Clicking that will bring you to your Stories section, where the post will appear as a sticker. It works the same way with other stickers, allowing users to scale, rotate and move them around.

This new feature also gives due credit to the original poster of an image. When you share a post, the original user’s handle will appear below the sticker. Users can click it to go that user’s profile and see the original post.

Do take note that you can only share posts from public accounts. If you don’t like users sharing your own posts, you can also choose not to disable this in the settings.


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