Get YouTube Music Premium for $9.99 and YouTube Premium for $11.99

YouTube Premium

Say goodbye to YouTube Red and hello to YouTube’s new premium services.

YouTube Premium

YouTube just recently announced their two new streaming services. First is YouTube Music’s streaming service, available either for free with ads or for $9.99 per month. Its second offering is for original video content YouTube Premium for $11.99 per month.

YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium

Google wants to take on Spotify with this latest offering. They feature a music service very similar to latter with a mobile and desktop apps designed specifically for music.

According to Google, it will is that it will combine all the official versions of songs with access to “thousands” other related content. These include playlists, remixes, covers, live versions and music videos.

Another feature that Google is pushing for is the dynamic home screen. It changes depending on your listening history, where you are and what you’re doing. Users can even search for songs without lyrics such as typing “that hipster song with the whistling” thanks to Google’s AI mastery.

YouTube Music is free with ads. Users can also opt to get the YouTube Music Premium for $9.99 ad-free, background listening and music downloading.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is basically YouTube Red. Subscription to this service gives you everything inside YouTube Music plus access to the YouTube Originals library of video content.

The offering costs $11.99 per month but existing YouTube Red users wont have to pay this extra. They will be charged the current $9.99 price.

Those who want to avail of this discounted monthly price can do so by signing up to YouTube Red now, before YouTube Premium starts rolling out.


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