Say Goodbye to Sony Playstation Vita Game Cards (and Consoles!) in 2019

PS Vita

Sony announced they would no longer make PS Vita physical games for US and Europe. They might also stop manufacturing the consoles.

PS Vita

Sony recently announced that they will no longer be producing the physical PS Vita games for the US and Europe. Digital distribution will still however continue.

Sony’s American and European branches “plan to end all Vita GameCard production by close of fiscal year 2018,” the company told developers in a message obtained by Kotaku.

It appears that the company’s game consoles may suffer the same fate. When asked by Japanese site GameSpark, the company confirmed that Japan will still get PS Vita cartridge games. But Sony did not give a clear answer on whether they will continue with the hardware production.

“Since in Japan we want everyone who keeps playing to enjoy an extensive game line-up, at this present point we plan to continue our marketing activity,” the Sony explained.

According to Kotaku, this answer isn’t reassuring at all because they did not answer anything about manufacturing. Instead, they chose to answer about their plans on marketing.

If indeed Sony will cease production of the PS Vita, it will not come as a surprise. The interest for the consoles has long died down, coupled with the high price.

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