Snapchat’s New Snappables Lets You Play AR Games With Friends


Snapchat just unveiled Snappables, its latest augmented reality playable filters.


Snap today is rolling out Snappables, augmented reality filters for games that are playable with friends. According to the company, the AR filters are going to be available this week on both iOS and Android.

Similar to the company’s popular Lenses, Snappables are accessible by clicking on the background of a photo or video that a user is about to take. It will be offering both high score and multiplayer games. As with the nature of AR, users will have to utilise touch, motion and facial expressions to play the games.

This update was first spotted by the Killer Features blog in Snapchat’s codes. However, it was originally thought to be a collaborative Snap creation.

Adding games to the app is actually not new for Snap, having done this before mostly in partnership with brands. In 2016, it added a Kraft Mac and Cheese noodle game. The company also previously worked with Gatorade in providing interactive experiences to the users.

Snap is definitely doing its best to gain back its user base. With Instagram’s Stories and Facebook’s similar feature, they are loosing out a lot in that front. It’s redesign that switched to algorithm-based feeds didn’t help either.

According to Snap’s blog announcement, new Snappables are going to be released every week. Have fun!