The Future Of Commuting


The Future Of Commuting Looks Stressfree

What is the future of commuting coming to? Most people around the world commute to work or to other destinations. Those who commute to work suffer more than others because they do this on a daily basis. The pollution, the rush, the overcrowded stations, make the commuter feel stressed and haggard.

Good News! Say goodbye to the stressful commute. A team at the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center in Bremen, Germany, have created a new mode of transport. Their aim is to bring the era of the stressful commute to an end.

smart car

The EO Smart Car

Introducing the EO Smart Car. This is DFKI’s answer to the world of stressful commute. The EO may look like an odd little creation. It even looks like the walkers from War Of The Worlds when in parking mode. But it presents us with a fairly remarkable window into the world of commuting and transport.

Features Of The EO Smart Car

The lightweight vehicle is powered by electricity which is fed to each wheel independently. Independent power for each wheel means allowing the wheels for more turn angles. EO’s wheels can each rotate by 90 degrees. The swivelling wheels allows the car to copy a crab-like sideways movement into a tight space. This is helpful in parking as it will help you park with ease.

Another feature of the EO is its ability to shrink with just a touch of a button. This feature is also convenient when parking in tight spaces. The EO lifts up over its rear axle to reduce the overall length from seven and a half feet to five and a quarter.

EO can speed up to 40mph, for a total of 30 to 44 miles. A small battery powers the smart car and can be charged from empty to full in just four hours. EO’s short range is being faced with a notion that cities will be laden with electric charging points.

DFKI is also bringing a new meaning to the term “carpooling” with EO. They have created an innovative way of car sharing. Each EO features the capability of connecting with other EO,s, allowing for shared driving and energy saving.

Using innovative technologies that are already attainable, has helped DFKI to create a concept that does not seem impossible. It will be exciting what becomes of the EO. A creation like this will develop in the ever-changing and advancing world of automotive technology.